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snowmass2capitalone-logoThere are two types of family holiday vacations that are unforgettable: the ones in which everything went right and the trip seemed perfectly magical and the ones in which everything went horribly wrong. Those perfect holiday vacations deserve a second act and those perfectly awful ones deserve a do-over. Which kind has your family had? 

Between November 28 and December 10, Traveling Mom is offering its readers the chance to re-do a memorable holiday travel experience with a free family holiday vacation, courtesy of Capital One Venture. Share your stories with us and you could win a family vacation for four. 

The winner will get plane tickets for four and five nights in a hotel anywhere in the continental United States – a prize worth up to $5,000, courtesy of Capital One Venture.

How It Works


Just share a travel story on the TravelingMom Holiday Travel Double Take Giveaway in the comment section below this post. You may enter one unique story each day of the contest.

Sharing a story is the only required entry, but you can get one additional entry each day by sharing a link to the Holiday Travel Double Take Giveaway on Twitter.  Here is a sample tweet:

Need a vacay do-over?  Share your story thru 12/10 on #TMOM & b entered to win 4 airline tix + hotel #DoubleTake 

Contest ends at noon EST, December 10. Entries submitted after that time will not be accepted. The winner will be selected in a random drawing at noon on Dec.10. They will be notified by email and have 48 hours to accept the prize. (For a full list of the rules, click here) The winner will be announced on the #TMOM Twitter party on 12/12 from 9-10pm EST. U.S. Residents only.

Party With Us On Twitter

As an added bonus, TravelingMom will host two #TMOM Monday Twitter parties – on Nov. 28 at 9 p.m. ET and on Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. ET. Travelers can share their story on the Holiday Travel Double Take Giveaway page on TravelingMom and who tweet at least once during the Nov. 28 or Dec. 5 Twitter party using the hashtags #TMOM and #DoubleTake will be eligible to win an iPad2 in a random drawing.

Here are some family vacation do-again stories to get you started. You can chat with them live on the 11/28 Twitter party.


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  1. We traveled to Chicago with the kids a few years ago and had a 6 hour delay due to snow. We had a picnic on the floor while waiting and were joined by several other families & their kids. We had a blast eating & playing card games. Hated to leave everyone when our flight was called. It was a great memory for us.

  2. Well I will start with my worst Holiday travel trip. Most of my awful trips are from Chicago to Nebraska at Thanksgiving time. This one is short and sweet and I will leave out most of the gorey details We left Chicago for the 7 hour car ride we got 2 hours into the trip when the 1st of the 2 kids started with the stomach flu..3 hours in it started sleeting / snowing … 4 hours in with 3 to go child 2 starts in with the flu and driving conditions were horrendous at one point I was willing to get out of the car and start walking… It was AWFUL!! and the worst part is I was on my way to my In-Laws!

  3. One of our first family vacations with my first son was to the Florida Keys, we got to visit my husband’s grandfather. We had a great time fishing, sight seeing & trying out the local dining! And since my In-laws came we got to take a family picture of the four generations! It was a so memorable and I would love to go back now that I have 2 boys!

  4. The most Magical Hoilday Travel I have had was when we spent Christmas in the Magic Kingdom. There were 7 of us, ranging in age from 6 months to 73. What made this trip so very special is that my fiance and I planned it for my family. A month after we returned home he was killed by a drunk driver. Because of the trip we have so many wonderful pictures of him.

  5. We haven’t taken a family vacation yet… and my daughter is four! Money is too tight. But we have been to Grandmas a few times and a five hour car ride with two kids in the car is fun, needless to say. There’s always tragedies like needing a bathroom NOW in between rest stops or the batteries on the DVD player die during a super fussy time. 🙂 It’s always fun though!

  6. Our best vacation was a short last minute trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was a much needed break from hectic schedules. It was not luxurious or exciting but we had smiles on our faces the entire trip. It was enough to be together in the sun and not have to rush to work and school and we had no where we had to get to.

  7. One of my funniest (and grossest) vacation moments happened after college, when I was roaming through Europe with a backpack. I got stuck in Pisa, Italy at midnight and the next train to Florence wasn’t until 6am. So rather than pay for a hotel, I decided I’d lay down on the train station floor and nap on my backpack. When I woke up, this filthy street dog was curled up along side of me, sleeping. I jumped awake and shook myself off for the next 10 minutes. It took 3 long, hot showers until I felt clean again!

  8. We haven’t been able to take a family vacation yet but on a trip from CO to CA to see family my daughter who was six months old at the time cried the entire drive. She wouldn’t take a bottle so I had to sit in the back and lean over & nurse her a good portion of the trip. Then on the drive home my husband got ill and we spent four hours in the ER only to end up turning back around & stayed in CA for a few more days until he was better. Needless to say we never drove that drive again.

  9. Our best family vacation by far was a month we spent in Italy in July 2009. We were lucky enough to have a villa lent to us by extended family, we rented a car and just lived and ate! It was filled with amazing day trips everywhere, a road trip to Venice and Florence, and a short spree over to Paris. Truly an amazing trip.

  10. Every year we take a family vacation to a lake in Nevada and stay on a house boat. Our girls have years of memories swimming, boating and soaking up the sun. We have never flown on a family vacation and would LOVE the opportunity to show them a bit of the country. Thank you for the chance to win!

  11. 2 years ago, my wife took me to Chicago. Although I fel in love with the city, we were there to attend her grandfather’s funeral which made the trip bitter sweet. Now that time has passed, I would love to take my wife and daughters back to the city and really explore and enjoy it together. Thanks!

  12. As a child my family went to a lot of amusement parks. Not sure if it was for the kids or my dad who loves roller coasters, except the ones that go upside down. My favorite park that I remember was Hershey Park. I don’t remember much except the smell of fresh chocolate everywhere we went, yum! I would love to be able to share these kinds of things with my family, I love roller coasters too!

  13. a vacation – whats a vacation. I had triplets 3 1/2 years ago and havent been on a vacation in I dont know how long with the stresses of there health and the heartbreak and ups and downs, hospitals bills etc we havent been out on a date night. Last vacation i remember was with my grandparents when was a young child to Busch Gardens i remember they had a pug and it was a hot day and they made me walk her – she was snorting so loud i was so embarressed lol good times I miss my grandparents.

  14. Last year we took our kids to New Mexico for skiing, we drove 16 hours, because the road was frozen (it usually takes 10 hrs to get there)we stay there for two days, but we enjoyed it! This winter We would like to go to Colorado, this would be our very first time there!

  15. About 5 years ago, we were heading to my inlaws house for Thanksgiving, about an hour away. There was heavy snow and they live in a very rural area. Our van got stuck in the snow – my husband and father-in-law spent hours plowing and shoveling the van free, missing Thanksgiving dinner. On the way home later that night, we got stuck again – that time we were assisted by an Amish farmer, whose team of horses pulled the van free in just minutes.

  16. Took two teenagers on a 17 hour trip to Myrtle Beach – son would not even get in the ocean once we got there – NOT a good time – would love a do over!

  17. We moved cross country last summer and decided to make it a travel adventure with the kids. What did we learn? Everybody loves New Orleans.Having kids in Nola is fine. Having dogs in Nola is fine. But you can’t have both. More stories to follow…

  18. My husband and I fell in love in Memphis. It was a wonderful trip full of Elvis, music and great food. A couple years later, we brought my daughter to Memphis so she could visit the city we fell in love in. Love that town.

  19. My whole family just returned from traveling from Philly, PA to my brother’s wedding in Louisiana. We had a huge pot of Jambalaya at the reception and Cajun dancing to a great band. But the best moment was when, right before the wedding my brother was yelling for my mom. And his wife-to-be was gathering her dad.

    In the rush of things to do setting up their informal wedding in their back yard, no one had told the mother of the groom or the father of the bride that they were to walk them down the aisle and stand up for them at the Ceremony. But they got everybody corralled and mom was beaming proudly as she stood near the alter (or the stage/former hot tub/gazebo thing decked out in candles for the wedding). It was a lovely trip, and great to meet his wife’s family too!

  20. Two summers ago I was laid off and needed to press the refresh button. My friend and I booked a last minute trip to Thailand with no idea where we would end up. In that month we traveled to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia! It was amazing! You never know where the wind will take you. And we did it all on a budget of 2k, flights included! We had amazing experiences from volunteering at an elephant nature park to seeing the wonder or angkor wat to delighting our palettes with real pho. To say the least I now have the travel bug!

  21. We honeymooned in Seattle, and we could barely afford to eat! I’d love to go back and EAT AMAZING EVERYnight! (plus take our kids!) 🙂

  22. Sometimes the trip starts off going ALL wrong but ends up magical. This is a tale of one such trip. My husband and I spent MONTHS planning the family trip to Disney World last year. Hours online choosing options and packages. Weeks considering what to pack, whether to fly or drive. Drive we did, from MD to FL. Arrived at Disney World to find they had canceled our hotel, packages and all. Some sort of email glitch, and there were no rooms for us at they hotel we’d booked. The magic of THE Mouse was with us though. After 2 hours, lots of tears and several calls we ended up with a Villa at Kidani Village (breath taking) our entire package restored and wonderful service. We woke up to Giraffes at the window every morning, drumming with musicians from Kenya at night, park hoping and memory making. It. Was. MAGIC! Disney does customer service right and really is magical.

  23. Although we had a really great trip to Turks & Caicos 2 years ago, my daughter flat out refused to take a dip in the ocean. Would love a do-over!

  24. Broke my arm skiing – on first day of trip. We were with 2 other families & I basically just sat by the fire & read (& drank). But I want to ski again

  25. we took an early morning flight with a very sick 1 year old. the airline gave us seats all apart from one another–the 1 year old was sitting 3 rows ahead of me, and 1 row ahead and across the aisle from my husband. We could only get one person to switch seats and give up her seat to move the baby closer to my husband. The person on the other side we can only assume was an air marshall. because, really? Who would choose to sit next to a sick baby?

  26. One of the best travel stories I have was a trip I took my brothers on after our Mom died. I raised them and they were 8 and 13 at the time. We went to Charleston, SC! Lived in SC but had never been to Charleston. We took a carriage tour and saw all the row houses in different colors(Rainbow row)..We also went to Frankie’s Fun park! I loved the Market area downtown.

    My brothers and I had such a great time we stayed a day or two longer than planned haha

    Thanks for the chance to win! We haven’t been on a family trip together in MANY years sadly:(


  27. Last year the four of us (myself, my husband, and our two kids) went on a trip to New York City. It was the first time any of us had been to NYC and we were all equally excited. We definitely had a lot of fun exploring the city for 4 days. After that we took the Amtrak to Buffalo and explored Niagara Falls for two days (on both the US and Canada side) and had a blast. It was a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of New York but we all enjoyed both parts of our vacation equally. This vacation was one I would cherish for the rest of my life and I know my kids and husband feel the same way.

  28. The only vacation do-over I would ever need was our trip to Disney. I have always filled like it was ruined for my son by the other people we went with. I am using my alias for this since I don’t want to use my first and last name since it would definitely hurt their feelings.

    My son was 6 yrs old and we were renting a house with my husband’s family. My son was the only child. Every time my son wanted to do something, the adults would complain and say they didn’t want to do it. The Epcot day, my son was so miserable that we decided it would be better for everyone if we left so he could have fun in the pool and they could do what they wanted to do.

    It was the only time we have ever been there. I would love to redo that vacation with him and be relaxed and fun.

    He is the only child who may have left Disney and not had fun. I would love to show him vacations can be fun.

  29. Went to Mexico and it was supposed to be a straight flight of about 3.5 hours. Due to weather and plane problems there was 2 layovers and it took 12 hours!

  30. went to mexico 2 years ago. flight was supposed to be nonstop, 3.5 hours. due to weather and plane problems we had 2 layovers and it took 12 hourse!

  31. When I was in high school, I went on a trip with our marching band to Disney World. I didn’t want anyone to know that I used the bathroom so I literally didn’t poop for almost a week. When I got home I got really sick and it turns out I had sepsis and almost died! How embarrassing eh?!

  32. We just returned from a family cruise that was fab! The weather was great, the kids had fun (as did the adults.) This was our 6th biennial family cruise and we SO want another one!

  33. The first trip my now husband and I had with our new 5 month old baby was a disaster. We were driving back to his family in Georgia on Christmas Day from my family in Maryland. MISTAKE with our new baby that could not stand to be in the carseat for more than 15 minutes. An 10 hour trip took more than a day and a half. On top of that we got lost in South Carolina trying to find a friend’s house. Ugh! We are 2 kids later. The oldest is now 11 and the youngest is 6 and I am STILL afraid to travel more than 2 hours in a car with them.

  34. I don’t think this is that unique of a story since many military families across our country deal with this all the time. Our worst family vacation was one when my husband got called back in the middle of it. We were on the road and we went to the nearest airport and he left. I then got to drive with my 1 and 4 year old 17 hours by myself home.

  35. My parents had saved up to take our family to Disneyland for a day and announced it the night before they planned to take us during dinner. Everyone was SO excited! We couldn’t sleep that night. I remember staying up with my sister and talking all night about all the things we were going to do and see. In the morning we were disappointed to see cloudy & grey skies. We went to Disneyland anyway, hoping that the sky would clear up by the time we got there…but it never did. It started raining while we parked our car & the rest of the day was gloomy and wet. We made the best of the situation and had a fun day, but I know it would have been a much more enjoyable experience if we weren’t soaking wet and cold the entire day. I’d love to have a do-over vacation!

  36. Our do-over vacay is the one where our mountain cabin rental had gotten hit by a major ice storm shortly before our arrival. Pipes had burst and power lines had come down, so the rental agency upgraded us to a much nicer cabin. The amenities in it were just lovely.

  37. One of my fondest vacation memories, was our most recent “destination vacation”. I was still pregnant with our son, and my hubby and two other kids went to Cabo San Lucas Mexico! The water was crystal clear, the sand so soft, and watching my hubby and our two little ones with their floaties on in the water, still brings a smile to my face! We stayed at a beautiful resort called Casa Dorada. The food, the weather, the beautiful villas, it was one of the most relaxing vacations we had ever been on! We had been saving awhile for this vacation, because we usually do “driving” vacations and discover a new city or town. But staying at such a beautiful resort with my family, was a real treat that I wish I could Do-Over again, and again! 🙂

  38. When I was 18 I traveled around Australia for 6 weeks on a big tour bus. It was with a group of other students my age and we camped out at a different location each night. I was able to see most of the eastern half of the country during the time I was there and it was wonderful. I have so many memories from that trip and it was something I’ll never forget. I hope to take my family to Australia someday so they can experience it too!

  39. Our worst trip was a trip to Maine in the summer from the West coast with a 3 month old and a 3 year old. It started the day before when the 3 year old got a concussion, cleared for flight we ran into trouble at the airport when they changed our seats sitting the children together and my husband and I in single seats at the other end of the plane. Then a six hour weather delay during our 1 layover meaning instead of arriving for dinner we arrived at midnight with an hour and half drive ahead of us. The next day the 3yrold started running a fever, thinking it was the concussion we drove 100miles to the ER to find out it was an ear infection. Two days later, the 3 month old had one, two days after that, everyone had the stomach flu and my husband tore his rotator cuff vomiting…It was the longest trip ever!

  40. We went on a family Disney cruise with my in-laws and our 3 kids, it was quite possibly the most amazing vacation we’ve had. The kids had so much fun and were constantly entertained on and off the boat and the adults did get some quiet “grown up” time without them too.

  41. I went to cabo with my in laws a few years ago. well I thought my hubby was coming and ended up backing out at the last second. It actually ended up being really fun, i only had one child at the time so i had lots of help with her but really wish my husband could have made it.

  42. I remember traveling to my Grandparents and staying with them for a week on the coast…then when my parents picked me up, they had a surprise Walt Disney World vacation planned. So We drove straight from my Grandparents to WDW. Both weeks were so much fun!! What a great childhood vacation memory!

  43. Our fave vacation for my hubby, 5 kids and I was 2 Oscoda MI in woods, on lake at a YMCA Family Wkend. camp ALL Inclusive food, huge cabin for us & activities, We did paintball, tubing, horseback riding, highropescourse, ziplining, canoing, kayaking, boating, swimming, nature walks, mountain boarding, campfire singalongs, mini golf, bb gun range, archery, crafts, games, dressed up as made up superheros for themed dinner, skateboard park, it was awesome bc there was always something to do for every personality and age day and night. We also loved that we got to try new adventures we’d never tried before and never had to be bored but also could kick back and relax or join in the fun at our own leisure and schedule. They fed us all our meals and snacks and desserts and even had a romantic candle light dinner for the adults while they took the kids and teens out for fun one night. I couldn’t believe how affordable this vacation was. GOOGLE one in your area, seriously!

  44. I took my daughter to Ripley’s Aquarium Myrtle Beach SC. when she was 3. She was too young to appreciate it. It terrified her in fact! I’d love to do it over with her!

  45. When my girls were 4.5 & 1.5 we went on a Disney Cruise. Our luggage (diapers, formula, meds, the whole 9 yds) was lost between the hotel and ship. The ship also experienced some issues that shut down the pool and due to a change in childcare policies newly effective on that departure date (they cancelled all in room sitter reservations) we had no options to eat dinner without the 18mo. It was such a disaster trip and truly painful after we’d saved and planned for so long. I’m still a fan of Disney, and realize we were victims of (bad) circumstance on that journey. Would love the chance for a “do over” someday!

  46. My husband and I were traveling for the first time in years. Had a bit of a sinus infection before leaving. Felt an explosion in my air upon arriving in Arizona and ended up at Urgent Care a few hours later with a ruptured eardrum and 104 fever. At least I was forced to relax! (:

  47. All was going according to plan until we heard the CRACK! Sounded like a broken bone! CONFIRMED! Day before our trip to Antigua – need a do over trip!

  48. I just tweeted and have had mainly good vacations….but our kids are only 2 YO and 2 months old.
    We did take the oldest on a plane ride and that was bad according to our scale, but our scale is 1/10th the funny and sick stories I’m seeing here.

    As a single guy I did travel a bit and can highly recommend Japan. It’s very family friendly, easy to navigate and amazing!!!!/Daddymojo/status/141323839715024896

  49. We had a trip to San Diego that we got really really lost trying to find our way to Legoland. We never made it to legoland…..awww. I need a do over.

  50. Our honeymoon could use a DOUBLE TAKE!!! My mother had just died, I was in the middle of my Master’s thesis draft, and my husband had just taken a new stressful job and he was heading a multi-million dollar project. So, what was to be a romantic honeymoon to Gatlinburg, ended up being 10 days stuck in a cabin, with my husband working and me with my head stuck in my books, in between bouts of crying, writing my thesis draft. It is funny now but it wasn’t then. We so need a honeymoon do over!

  51. In December last year my 16 year old son finally joined us in the USA after 2 years of living in Australia. We took a spur of the moment, cut price trip to Florida for a week and we all had a complete bonding, wonderful time visiting historic sites and Disney, which I’d grown up dreaming of. Family again. I would adore being able to do that again, and this would be the only way.

  52. Most of our vacations have gone well but our trip to Wyoming was a major disaster. We spent the entire trip in the car with our two children under the age of 4 screaming their heads off. We hardly saw Yellowstone and it was one mishap after another.

  53. For our one-year wedding anniversary in 2005, my husband and I booked a week on the island paradise of San Pedro in Belize. A pushy former friend of mine, who had recently literally become a dot com stock option millionaire, joined us, against our better judgment. On our anniversary trip.

    That former friend comment back there? Let’s call that foreboding.

    In 2005, there were 15 hurricanes, one of which was Katrina. The last one of the season, Wilma, stranded us on an island with three roads, only one of which was paved. After the storm surge receded, there were fish flopping about on the streets. Scary and bizarre on several levels.

    Being marooned on a tiny island in a third world country during a frighteningly devastating hurricane season with a boy crazy friend who willingly disappeared from a bar one evening with a stranger for several hours before we found her? On our first anniversary trip? Yeah, I’d like a do over on that one.

  54. It’s tough to tell which vacation needs the ‘do over’ the most. My husband has me laughing in the exact way we always *said* we would “look back on this someday and laugh.” Amazing what perspective time gives.
    But if I chose the worst to do over? It would be the trip to Philadelphia where my 2 1/2 y.o. daughter started projectile vomiting in the airport in Denver and her father & I joined her by the time we got to the hotel at midnight. I slept on the bathroom floor. We were all sick for the almost the entire 4 days we were there. My husband still had to go into the data center he was out there to visit. We were coming along to see Philadelphia & friends. When the fevers broke the last day, we saw some of the city, but that’s it.
    It totally needs a do-over.

  55. I just need to DO/take a vacation, period! I have never had a real one! :'( My money has always been check-to-check, no room for extras of anything.

  56. I would like to do over my last one. I didn’t take many vacations growing up and after I got married I went on vacation with my husband’s family. I was so excited because it had been at least 10 years since I had a vacation. We went to Florida and the 2nd I fell down the stairs and severly sprained my ankle, so I was on crutches the rest of the week. I didn’t get to do anything that I had been planning on for months!

  57. We had taken a nice Cruise to Mexico (cancun) and it was our fist and last, so far; but we had a ton of fun! I will never forget. My kids came with us and we explored the Mayan temples and plays and culture. It was the best. I hope to take another trip one day soon. Hopefully!

  58. I would love to redo my vacation to Hawaii with my girlfriends. We went there for our 3oth birthdays. The moment I got there and only after 2 hours on the beach, my feet swelled up and I ended up with a sever rash… have never experienced anything like it. I ended up having to spend most of the trip in my hotel room with my feel elevated. I was so disappointed that I did not get to do everything I wanted to do on my Hawaiian vacation. I also felt like a complete nuance to my friends for asking for help when I needed it and not being able to participate with them on the beautiful island. I would love to make it up to them and to myself and being able to redo the trip and hopefully not go through what I went through again!

    Thank you!

  59. The vacation I’d like to “re-do” is the one where my parents and I flew to Europe for what was supposed to be a 2 week tour of France and Spain. On the second day, I fell in the shower and broke my arm. We had to fly home….The one thing I learned from the experience was the importance of having travel insurance, particularly when traveling overseas


  60. When we were kids my father took us all on a road trip to Los Angels, Yosemite, and the San Diego zoo. It was an amazing trip and I wish we could re-do it now as adults!

  61. eleven summers ago my husband and i did a long cross country road trip. somewhere over the continental divide he got a dreadful cold and by the time we neared rocky mountain national park, he had clogged ears that made elevation impossible. we gazed up at the rockies and headed home. would love to finally go there!

  62. Another trip to Texas would be wonderful – Last year my husband drove from California to Texas with one stopover in Tucson, AZ because my mom was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and was going to have a hysterectomy. The kids had to take off from school and were so good during the long haul. We spent a good week with my family in Houston and stopped over for the night in San Antonio to visit my husband’s family. A year later and my mom has a clean bill of health and I would love to visit both of our families on good terms. I’m pregnant and it also would be wonderful to be there before I have a baby and have to focus on our new baby. Everyone could use a vacation do-over! This would be an excellent gift for ALL OF US!!!

  63. I’d love to do-over a trip down south. I only went once, with an old boyfriend, and the only I saw was the inside of his relative’s house. No one else wanted to go sightseeing!

  64. I would love to redo our “romantic” trip to Chicago. I had no idea it was THAT cold in February there! We stayed at the Drake and never saw any of the sights due to the blinding snow storm. Our romantic trip resulted in the birth of my son, nine months later. (I wouldn’t redo that!)

  65. Our last trip to Niagara Falls was a disaster. When we first left my daughter wasn’t feeling the best. By day two both my wife and daughter were very sick. We ended up coming home early because no one was having a good time. To top it off, when we were headed home it was the first time in a long time Niagara Falls had extremely high winds, and the QEW was closed. A stretch of 1 hour took 6 hours to drive. We need a do-over!!!!!!

  66. My children would love to fly in a plane because we have only taken car trips. My first plane trip was when I was 30 and I would love to have theirs be much sooner than that.

  67. We took a trip to Disney World during Easter time and my 2 year old was so sick with the stomach flu! We went through multiple cribs from Disney and then I got sick too. I’d love a redo!

  68. I’d really like to re-do our honeymoon… we ran out of money paying for our wedding ourselves and had two days in San Antonio instead of the week in Banff that we really wanted. We are hoping to have at least a few days in Banff next year with our toddler when I have to travel to Calgary for business! #TMOM

  69. My Husband and I spoiled ourselves before trying to have our first baby. We went to Maui, did whatever we wanted, and bought whatever we wanted. Obviously it was an amazing trip which we look back on with fondness. Would love to take our family there now so they can experience the beauty that is Maui.

  70. We had a trip where I forgot to put my belt on after the security checkpoint. Gave the concourse a show when my jeans slipped down! From now on its yoga pants for sure when I fly!

  71. We took a day trip to Moab, Utah (we were actually staying in Grand Junction, Colorado. The car broke down and we ended up staying in Moab for 3 days. LOVED it and it’s become one of our favorite vacation destinations!

  72. We saved up for 2 years to go visit family in Barbados. Our daughter, who we waited 13 years for as we struggled with infertility, was 3 1/2 months old and we were excited to take her to meet everyone.

    When we arrived to the place we were staying, we found that all our family that were both visiting and lived in Barbados had been in a bad car accident just about an hour before. The car was written off, and all but 2 of them were in hospital.

    Spent the rest of our “vacation” finding places for family to recover, or left alone as others took turns staying with the worst off.

    Exhausted and needing another vacation upon arriving home! But only 2.5 weeks later, my 33 year old brother in law unexpectedly died in his sleep, leaving my sister and my neice (who was to turn 2 the next day). We feel like we can’t remember when we last had a break!

  73. I had been to Kauai on business and loved it. So, for my husband & my 1st wedding anniversary, I talked him into booking a trip to Kauai. The first night was AWESOME and our hotel was incredible. But, I must have eaten some bad fish or something as I got the most severe stomach & intestinal virus which lasted for the last 5 days of our trip. So, we did not get to do much together or enjoy all the sites and activities that we had hoped to there in paradise. We NEED a re-do in Kauai!!!!! Blessings! Laura

  74. My wife and I went to Cancun Mexico for our honeymoon back in 2001 and we went back this year for our 10 year anniversary and renewed our vows on the beach, but this time we have kids. We would love to go back there or anywhere with a beach for that matter. Thanks for the chance Venture Capital One.

  75. Ours was a stay-cation, we’ve never been able to afford a vacation: Charles had finally talked me into a big church wedding and I was finally getting into the mood. The reception decorations were picked out,the mother’s dresses and bridesmaids dresses as well. Things were coming along just great. Suddenly things changed, what was to be our biggest dream was soon our worst nightmare. Moms were fighting with each other,our choice of food at the wedding was not good enough, and people just were not happy. So,after much thought we cancelled. Charles and I decided to get married in the courthouse. With everything coming to an abrupt end, we were out the money we needed to have a honeymoon. We had the courthouse wedding, with only parents there, then had the reception at the local buffet and our honeymoon was dinner at Chili’s and watching Twilight in the theater. While I still got to have my knight in shining armor, I really wish we could have had the big wedding and honeymoon we wanted.

  76. this past march we went to PV mexico, it was great, we took our then 13 year old son with us , he met a lot of nice people and now we are going back, #TMOM the food was great and my son learnt hot to surf and snorkle. we saw one whale and three dolphins on an excursion

  77. A Vacation whats that? I went on a trip with a friend of mine & all of our kids 6. It was supposed 2 be fun. Don’t guess already 6 kids fun Noway. We drove from PA 2 South Carolina with 6 kids oh yeah mentioned that, We drove and of course stopped to eat pulled into a McDonald’s’ Drive thru and I said 8 hamburgers please (The Speaker said MAm How do you want the Burgers I said What Cooked

  78. lol “She said medium well done omg are u kidding meduim.Then we pulled into a hotel with a pool letting the kids have some fun and relax for us, I picked up the hotel phone dialed the operator to make a collect call to ct and spoke out loud and said what time is it The operator in a Vera voice from Mels dinner replied do you want to know what time it is in N Carolina or what time it is in CT its the east coast Omg is this town on bloopers. Then we arrived in S Carolina to find the park and water activities we where going to was closed.tweeting @waterbluffy need a trip with no kids me and hubby and no Bloopers Okay

  79. My husband and I took our 2 boys to Naples, Florida for a low-key fin-in-the-sun spring vacation. We were pleasantly surprised by how beautiful Naples was. We visited Sanibel island to look for seashells. We took a short ride to Tin City and took a glorious boat ride and had a bite to eat. And of course we ventures on the Naples Reilly, which have us a wonderful informative tour of the town. We stayed at Laplaya resort. It was one of the best family vacations we ever had!

  80. As a family, we are late for everything. Always. On our first family trip to California, we set the alarm in the hotel room extra early the day we planned to go to Disneyland. It was still dark out, but we wanted to get there early to beat the crowds and have a full day of fun. We all got up, dressed, and were out the door in no time. Got to the parking lot, and sure enough, we were first in the gate. By then we had had our coffee and noticed that it was still dark out. We walked toward the ticket booth, which was not yet open. It seemed really almost desolate. Gradually, we realized that something was not quite right. We found a clock and discovered that it was 6:30, not 7:30. The clock in our hotel room was an hour off, and we hadn’t realized it. So we were actually first in line at Disney – early for the first time in our family’s history! Best vacation surprise ever.

  81. A few years back my friend and I finished teaching in Czech and were on our way to vacation in Austria. We read our ticket wrong and got off in a bad location. We were stuck there for hours. My friend called her mom who did some frantic calling to random people.Finally got on the right train…that led us to a place in the middle of no where. We were surrounded by guards with guns speaking German. We spoke English. They finally figured out where we were going and got us on the right train. We were lost again. Our next stop some random guy came to us and asked if we were Shan and Carey. He was the man Shan’s mom found. Here we are running through the train station, stuff flying out of our backpack that was not zipped, stopping to pick it up, getting on the right train….we arrived 8 hours late. But we made it just the same. So many fun memories. Though we were both ticked. lol

  82. Here’s just a segment of one of the worst vacations ever:

    “She had something else to do: become a human levee to the unabated spray of her eldest son. Quin repeated his Tuesday melee with a double shot of a day’s meals. With cupped hands Sarah caught the first load and deposited into my coffee cup. The second spattered my laptop and spackled every crack and crevice until it flowed between the seats to the horrified passengers behind us.”

    Unfortunately there’s more:

  83. I would love to take my kids back to DisneyLand. They were too young to really enjoy it when we went several years ago. The weather was hot and the kids just wanted to go back to the hotel to swim. Now they know what they’ve missed and I’d love to let them experience the thrill before they leave home (my daughter graduates next years). Thanks for the giveaway.

  84. last summer we went camping to Pinecrest Ca for a week. We had so much fun, it was great to be in an area where cellphones didn´t work, the kids loved it and I got a little bit or peace in quiet. The only problem is that we didn´t have a shower in 6 days!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Visited the nation’s oldest city St. Augustine on a weekend, so much to do and see. We did the whole tourist thing on the first day and relaxed on the beautiful beach the next day.

  86. Best vacation? We rented a house in Laguna Beach for a week. We shared it with my brother’s family. So great to see cousins playing together, the littlest kids seeing the ocean for the first time. We badly want to get back there!

  87. Best vacation ever… My sister took my two daughters to Walt Disney World in Fl. when they were 4 and 6 years old. They are now mothers of a 4 year old, a 7 year old and a 3 year old. My husband and I would love to take our grandchildren on the vacation of a lifetime to see the expressions on their faces that we missed when our children went to Walt Disney World.

  88. We took a red eye to New York with our two sons 12 and 8. When we got there we had 1 1/2 hour drive to get to our destination. Next time I’ll think that one through a bit more. It was really hard to stay awake.

  89. We left our kids in a kids’ club & they took them swimming on a red flag day. My 5 y o could swim, but the counselor with her couldn’t & she started drowning my daughter. They were rescued by the coast guard. Older daughter watched, traumatized. My husband made 5 y o get right back in the ocean so she wouldn’t be scared -and she got stung by jellyfish. And she’s allergic.

  90. we traveled to nevada and we where delayed in new jersey airport for 7 hrs ,we got to meet very nice people from other countrys and states. we had a huge hurrican in the state of vermont that deysorted alot of our roads and stuff .we have been to carolias and yellowstone park .i am hoping for disany this yr coming .thank you

  91. We traveled to visit family and had to literally RUN from one plane to the next just to make the flights and almost didn’t make one.

  92. My friend and I had booked a Carnival cruise and low and behold our ship burned down!! The radio station we had won it through had it through an agency that kept giving us the run around wanting to charge us rebooking fees even though it wasn’t our fault. We were 2 broke college kids that never got to go. I’ve never been on a cruise and it would be awesome to surprise my honey with a honeymoon! =)

  93. 4 years ago Thanksgiving, we went camping/dirt bike riding and I rolled my bike over me and was sitting in the ER Thanksgiving night for hours, have rode since! I would love love to do over again!

  94. A family reunion in Seattle – over 100 family members we had not seen in years or some we hadn’t met. My youngest child got so sick that we spent 4 days in the hospital, with him on oxygen and me sleeping on a hospital cot. The rest of the family bounced between hospital visits and the reunion. My youngest still laments that he never got to play with long lost cousins, or see Seattle, or…and this was big…slide down the huge slide in the hotel.

  95. [quote name=michele beard]4 years ago Thanksgiving, we went camping/dirt bike riding and I rolled my bike over me and was sitting in the ER Thanksgiving night for hours, have rode since! I would love love to do over again![/quote]I have not rode since

  96. Our boss lent us his beach house for free and we were planning on staying for the week. When we got there we discovered the house was impossible to baby proof for our daughter which meant we were going to have to spend most of our time on our toes making sure she didn’t destroy anything or on the beach itself, until we got out onto the sand and discovered our son was PETRIFIED of the ocean. We stayed only that night and then drove home to have a stay-cation instead.

  97. A took my grandchildren to Disney Paris when they lived in Germany. It was a magical experience staying in the park and enjoying their Christmas customs intwined with our customs. We went to the Eiffel tower for New Years, It certainly was a magical trip.

  98. I had gone shopping to get some food before leaving for our week long trip to a WI lake front cabin. Jelly was on sale and my husband packed all 4 jars for our trip. He also helped our young daughters pack and did not bring their swimsuits. The girls spent the week swimming in shorts and tshirts and eating a lot of strawberry preserves!

  99. We went to Disneyworld for the holidays a few years ago. Both my son and daughter started getting sick on the plane ride there. They were sick with the flu the entire week. I would love to do this trip over again.

  100. About 5 or 6 years ago I took my Dad to Vegas, because he hadn’t been there since the 1970s and so much had changed. My aunt and uncle were supposed to come, but couldn’t. We did so much off-strip adventures that is was one of the best vacations ever. I would love to do that again, but this time take my aunt with us.

  101. Four years ago, my family took a 10 day trip to Disney World. It was the first ‘real’ vacation I’ve had since I was a child and my kids first vacation. My sister & her family and our parents went along. My brother-inlaw was sick on the plane, thought it was a stomach virus and he’d get over it and just continue on with the vacation. He ended up in the hospital in Orlando with my sister by his side, they thought he was going to die. He had eaten a steak at a restaurant the night before leaving, he had E. coli O157:H7 and his vital organs were starting to shut down, he was very bad off. I took my sisters 3 kids along with my own 2 to the parks, etc to keep them busy all while worrying about Dan, to help my sister without her worrying about the kids. Dan did end up ok after many transfusions later & after spending the entire vacation in the hospital, it was a long hard recovery. I would love the chance to have a ‘do over’ with my kids & have the vacation it was meant to be.

  102. Our do over would be our ski trip two years ago. It happened to also be my wife’s birthday as we started our drive from Seattle to McCall Idaho for a week of skiing at Brundage. On route our 5 yr old son started regurgitating in the car. We stopped at a hotel for the night before the second leg of the drive to McCall and our son got sick in the hotel bed. Nothing like a birthday which includes the birthday girl helping to clean up a car seat and stripping off bedding at a hotel. He got better the next day but his energy was not 100% until the last day of the trip. My wife still refuses to “count” that birthday as a true birthday.

  103. We went on our first family vacation this summer. We did a hiking trip all around northern Wisconsin and it was one of the best experience of my life. My kids were great, they had fun, and are nature lovers just like mom and dad. I can’t wait to take our family on our memorable trip.

  104. Took our daughetrs to Disney World a few years ago, I was so looking forward to going. By the time the trip arrived, I was four months pregnant with our twin boys! Unfortunately, I was not able to ride most of the rides, and there were days I was simply too tired to leave our condo! It would be awesome to experience all Disney has to offer, and take our little guys for their first time!

  105. Went to Puerto Rico with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. Seven teenage girls with raging hormones – What was I thinking. Had a nice time.

  106. Our honeymoon magic began with lost baggage and a cabdriver who would not let us out of the cab until we paid him $50 on a $5 fare. It could only get better, right? Wrong! On the second day of our long-awaited honeymoon cruise, I contracted Norovirus. The non-stop vomiting was bad enough, but the worst part was that even once I felt better, I was quarantined to our 170 sq ft cabin for 7 days. I was unable to so much as set foot into the hallway. Fortunately, I had a porthole window, from which I could watch my fellow travelers (including my husband) walk down the gangway to their excursions in Mexico. If that porthole window had opened, it would have been man overboard! I would have jumped! I need a honeymoon vacation do-over!

  107. My husband and I have just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary and we still have not had a honeymoon let alone a vacation. Our family has never been on a family vacation. Between having babies and working we just have not had the opportunity, money or time to getaway.

    Our oldest is 11 and our youngest is 1. It would be the most amazing thing ever we were all able to getaway for some fun!

  108. In 2007 myself and my 2 daughters took a wonderful trip to the east coast to visit relatives! We visited Plymouth, Boston, the Rhode Island Zoo, the ocean, and the Eric Carle Museum just to mention a few places. Unfortunately, we could only afford for the 3 of us to go so my husband stayed home. I would really love to have a memorable FAMILY vacation before my kids are grown and leave home!

  109. my husband and i recently went to go to palm springs for our honeymoon. We booked a “mountain lift package” because we wanted to take the tram up to the top of the mountains. No one told us until we arrived but the tram was closed that weekend plus the hotel was super smokey. Pretty disappointing.

  110. A few years ago when it was just DH and me we traveled south for the holidays. It was wonderful to spend Christmas day on the beach in the sunshine! I’d love to relive that trip – this time with the kids!

  111. The last family vacation our family had was in 2008. We went to a resort in Jamacia. Although we had a great time. We would love a do over! Since that time we have had custody of our two grandchildren and one more on the way within weeks. We also have a daughter still living at home that graduates in 2012. Since the grandchildren have been with us we have been unable financially to take a much needed family vacation. This would give us a little time to connect with our youngest daughter before she leaves for college. We somewhat feel that the grandchildren have had a impact on her senior year in school and would like her to have something special to take with her when she leaves to make her own way in college.

  112. Our trip to NYC was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute..but.. we missed seeing the Statue of Liberty because we were talking and did not realize we were on the wrong side of the boat until it was too late and… we went to visit the Empire State Building and there was a fire and we couldn’t go up to the top. We would love a do-over.

  113. Our best family vacation to date was the one we took to California just last week! Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier and visiting family all in one trip. Now “resting up” from a very busy week and a half that had more highlights than any trip we’ve taken. Once was caught on film: our 4yo got called up on stage at Universal’s animal show and had a pigeon land on her head, and then dozens fly out of the coop around her. The funny part about this is how much she hates pigeons! We’ve trained her to scare them off our deck.

  114. Went on a family vacation regardless of the fact some did not want us there. If you can believe that! sick huh? but that’s waht I got! Well u can’t pick your family. HAD A BLAST! It was great just being ourselves and enjoying those that did want you there and watchin the other one seethe!

  115. we have three kids under four and we flew to maui with them. the plane ride was torture, but definitely worth the trip to paradise!

  116. Definitely a most memorable vacation was the year we rented a cottage for our group of 17 – with four bedrooms, plus an enclosed sun porch. But, only ONE bathroom. Yikes! It was inconvenient but is still a source of many family stories and jokes.

  117. My daughter, grandson, myself and 2 dogs drove from Portland Maine to Coastal North Carolina starting midnight Christmas day. We stuffed the car for a week’s stay. Sheltie in his bed on top of the pile, my Grandson in his car seat beside the dog. The shitZu sat in the lap of whichever of us was not driving. We, unfortunately, took the coastal route; a 26 hour straight thru, drive.

  118. About 1985 our family of 6 took a first ever family vacation to Arkansas. During the course of this 4 day adventure, our two year old son found and ate rat poison under the sink of the rented house we were staying in. As we rushed him to the hospital, we were involved in a torrential downpour and could barely see to drive. While our son was being treated for the rat poisoning, our older son, about 9 at the time, managed to knock the top off a gumball machine in the waiting room, and hundreds of gumballs rolled everywhere and people were madly scrambling to pick them up. Later that night, after we got back to the rented house, one of our children decided to set a lamp on the floor so he could see to read while laying on the floor. Needless to say, he fell asleep, knocked the lamp over, and set the carpet on fire! I was very glad to be heading home the next day!

  119. We were camping in a tent on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park next to a pond. Each day a mother moose and her baby would pass through our site to get to the pond. The father moose would show up as well during the day. It was awesome but a little frighting to have them pass so close.

  120. Our best vacation was taking our son to Walt Disney World for the first(and only) time. To see the magic in his eyes, the joy pouring out of him was such an amazing experience. The photographs I took did not capture the essence of the trip. I was too worried about all the details to really step back and enjoy it myself, but would love the opportunity to do it all again. The magic and wonder of a little boy make it all worth it!

  121. my traveling story is about the first time I went to new jersey/nyc. it was my parents, my sister, and me and we drove from Ky to there. it was sooo long, i got wind and sun burnt really bad, and we even locked the keys in the car on the way home. LOL

  122. Our family doesn’t have much money so we have never ever traveled more than a few hours away from home and NONE of my children except my youngest (who flew with me to a funeral last year) have been on a plane. But we did take a trip to the Wisconsin Dells which is about 4 hours away a couple summers ago and it was a blast! We visited so many water parks, activity parks, shows, etc. My biggest regrets are that only 2 out of 4 of my children were able to come with and only one of them were old enough to actually remember it! It would be SO fun to do something like that again!

  123. I was, shall we say a young mom when I had my daughter, and we haven’t been able to afford a vacation for my family yet, but hopefully some day soon. I’d love a chance to win a vacation like every other family here and give my kids some wonderful memories. Thank you for the opportunity to try and win. Best of luck to all the entrants!!!

  124. When traveling from boston to Mago Canada when my children and my Grandmother which then was about a 8hour ride. when we arrived I started to cry because I was so tired but my 76 year old grandmother went right to work and made a fire in the stove so we could eat. I have learned a lot since then.And relize now how strong she was.

  125. My last family vacation was in 1978 with my mom, dad and siblings. My dad has since passed and my mom is 88 years old. I am a single mom and I try every few years to take my son on a mini vacation…just the two of us.

  126. We took a ‘babymoon’ before our first baby was born.. to Amish Country Pennsylvania, LOVED Gettysburg! I would love to take my kids there for a long weekend (and of course visit Hershey pary!) 🙂

  127. I traveled to Paris by myself and have so many good memories of gazing at the Eiffel Tower, standing on top of the Arch de Triomphe, and eating on the Champs-Élysées. That is a vacation that I would gladly re-do! Thank you for the giveaway!

  128. I love to give the gift of travel to my children so when my daughter turned 16, instead of the traditional Sweet Sixteen party, I asked her if she would rather like to go on a mother-daughter trip to Europe and she agreed. We had an amazing time. It was the first time it was just the two of traveling and it was a great experience for both of us. We went to England, Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland and still talk about the trip to this day. It is something I would love to do over in the future.

  129. One time on our way from St. Louis, MO to San Antonio, TX my entire family including cousin, aunts and uncles, were loaded into 3 minivans and the first van caught a flat tire at 3:00am in the middle of nowhere we had to go to the next town which was really small, and spend the night to have the tire replaced the next morning, despite that we had a great time.

  130. One of my favorite traveling experiences was going to the Fort Worth zoo with my son and mom. We had such a great time going to the zoo, the spanish mall in Fort Worth, and Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum!

  131. Last Fall my husband and I got to go to the San Juan Islands. It was amazing. We stayed in a cabin right on the water. I would love to go again.

  132. Another vacation husband, 5 kids and I loved was a trip to Lake Michigan and going sand dune buggying thru the sand dunes and then we went into Holland MI to BOUNCE HOUSE which is like a warehouse FULL of tons of inflatable bouncce houses, bungee runs, velcro walls, sumo wrestlying suits, oversized infltable bouncy boxing ring, obstacle courses and slides and so much more, everyone from the kids, to the teens to the adults had so much fun

  133. our last family vacation was 2 Summers ago & we haven’t been able to take one since due to hubs job transition. a family vacation is exactly what we need to replenish as a family. Since we’ll be facing almost 5-6 months of winter, somewhere South, warm would be fabulous!

  134. All of our vacations have been pretty uneventful and pretty so-so. I think our most “exciting” one was the 21 hour roadtrip from Dallas to Orlando while I was 7 months pregnant. Had a blowout at 2am. Had to unload everyone & every thing to change the tire. Got to go to WDW for one day & it rained the entire time. Would like to try WDW again for a few more days. 🙂

  135. This past year my family and I went to Jekyll Island. It was our first real family vacation since our kiddos are young. My son and I were able to see a sea turtle lay her eggs on the beach together. It was truly magical. I hope to share it with both kiddos at some point.

  136. One day when I was a teenager my brother and I decided we would take a road trip to his hometown to see his mother and our sister. It was the big night down on the Country Club Plaza where they turn on the Christmas lights, the night of Thanksgiving. We would go down there and see the lights come on then head out of town. We were so excited as this would be our first trip together and with the freedom of no parents. On the way over to see the lights, there was a car that was running from a police car. He ran up on the curb, hit an icy patch and came smack down where our car was, thank goodness another car hit ours and knocked us out of the way or I might not be typing this story right now. Needless to say, our car was totaled, and so was our trip.

  137. In Aug. we packed our Family of 8 in a minivan & moved frm Ca-NY,since hubby got out of the Navy.A cross country road trip,our last sha-bang! We ended up leaving 2 days after we planned. as we were packing the van to head out, we saw the news, hurricane Irene was about to unleash! we decided to speed up the trip so we didn’t get caught in the floods.As we pulled into New Mexico,our transmission went out,after hundreds of $ f/tow truck, mechanic & 2 days in a hotel,we found out that the previous mechanic left a screw loose that got stuck in the gear shift.
    We headed out again,autism decided it would make my 7yo’s trip miserable from the begining,& we were only able to do 1 day at the grand canyon instead of the 4 we planned. We planned to go see the caverns & 2 days the weather caused the park to be closed,it was a dissapointment to all of us.


    After that,it was a straight shot to NY, since Irene had already begun hitting the US,we drove through rain, storms, lightning by the side of the highway, floods, & many car sick stops. we made it to NY,no power for 4 days,homes cold as igloos & trees in places trees shouldn’t have been;like on top of cars. we had to cancel our trip to WDW, legoland & sea world in Texas & everywhere else that we were going to see on that “intended” 2 week road trip.

    by far, it was the worst vacation ever!

  139. We were skiing at Mount Snow, Vermont, a couple of years ago when an ice storm hit. The resort closed, then we lost power. We were at the top of a hill, so couldn’t get out. Made dinner in the fireplace, played charades – kids loved it. But not a lot of skiing. We need to fly out west & ski.

  140. @judy511
    Vacay horror story? You can win a do over w 4 airline tix + hotel #TMOM
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  141. Vacation????? What vacation? My vacation story is that I don’t have a story. We are never able to make it happen. Our kids are always bugging us to go somewhere, and we would love to make it happen for them.

  142. I recently went to the City of Hildesheim in Germany. Wonderful historical city with many shops and outdoor cafes. It is a pedestrian city where cars are not allowed making it so much better to enjoy all that Hildesheim has to offer.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  143. I reluctantly took a trip down to the town of Ocala FL to go biking on a trail. I didn’t expect much from Ocala but was pleasently surprized to find that Santa Fe Trail was miles and miles of trails, some easy and some quite advanced.

  144. Recently took a cruise out of New Orleans. The first few hours of the cruise is like a river cruise going down the Mississippi River to the Gulf. Interesting watching the shore pass by so close from such a large ship.

  145. We don’t really have any do over holiday vacations as we have never been on holiday trip. We will be this year though and its a road trip from IL to Fl and I’m already sick to my stomach thinking about it but with a family of five we can’t possibly afford to fly.
    My one do over trip I do have though was when my oldest boys were one and two, we drove to SC. We drove overnight thinking it would be easiest on them but the cried and whined all night so it was miserable. When we arrived we had a couple hours of nice weather but by dinner time it was clear my 1 year old wasn’t feeling well. He spent the rest of the trip sick and miserable. And the nice weather ended that first day too. Someday I’d like to go back to SC or NC when everyone is healthy and happy.

  146. My vacay do-over is a beach trip I took with my parents. It was last minute and wasn’t planned well. My idea of fun is than theirs! Being home from dinner and stuck in a condo by 7pm each night wasn’t a lot of fun for me!

  147. We have only had one family vacation in the 14 1/2 years we’ve been married and that was 11 years ago. We took a weekend trip to Sea World San Antonio. We had a nice time but our 2 older kids don’t remember it because they were so little. Would love a re-do to somewhere fun now that all 3 kids are old enough to remember everything! 🙂
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  148. We went to Sesame Place in Philadelphia this year. My little boy loved it ! We had a lot of fun. The park is perfect for little ones. He wants to go back.

  149. Each year we drive 2.5 hours south to the “Twin Cities” with our taxes and take the kids to the science museum, childrens museum, mall of america, sometimes the zoo, chuck-e-cheese and all the things we don’t have up here in our smaller town. We do the same things almost every year but it’s always a blast!

  150. Our first vacation as a married couple was a disaster. My husband’s car broke down almost every day. We finally made it to FL and our rental home, but every night I was by myself in the pool while my new husband was working on the car so we’d be able to make it home. I’d love to redo that trip via airplane.

  151. The first family vacation I ever remember taking was when I was probably around 5. My family rented a house in Rhode Island for a week. The first day we were at the beach all day and had a blast! and then it rained… every single day! We ended up going home early!

  152. I was 14 years old and we were doing our yearly family trip with my folks. It was Spring Break (my parents are teachers) and we were heading to Padre Island.

    On the way there I felt a strange bump in my ear… I picked at it a little and then started feeling feverish about 8 hours into our 11 hour trip.

    By the time we got to Padre I was full blown sick and getting bumps all over my body. NO WAY this was chicken pox, I’d already had them.

    Apparently the first time wasn’t “bad” enough. So I spent the week of Spring Break, at Padre in the hotel room. Itching, feverish and miserable with a horrible case of the pox.

    That was the WORST vacation I ever had!!

  153. One of my favorite family vacation memories was taking our daughter to vegas along with my mother-in-law. They both had an absolute ball and were so fun to watch! My MIL even did things she would NEVER do at home! So fun! Would love to do it all again!

  154. I haven’t taken any real vacations with my kids yet, but I remember when I was a kid my parents took a week off work, loaded up the car, and we took off heading Northwest. This was long before cell phones with internet (or cell phones at all really) & my parents made NO reservations or plans even. We were lucky enough to find decent places to stay each night & just went where we wanted each day.

  155. In 2006, as part of a mid-life crisis, my husband and I sold everything we had and hit the road. We spent six months traveling to 38 states in a van. We missed going to New York and Boston. Now that we are settled again, I would love to take a trip to see those two cities.

  156. Dad used to load up all eight of us in the station wagon and head somewhere for a week during the summer. One summer when I was about ten, amidst the always-present “I’ll turn this car around if you kids don’t behave!” ….he did. We had traveled 6 hours or so and he finally pointed the car in the opposite direction and we went home!

    We were shocked. We were all VERY quiet in the car the next summer vacation. 🙂

  157. Most memorable vacation for us was our honeymoon 5 years ago! We went on a Southern Caribbean Cruise and it was fantastic! Stopped at 5 different islands. It was so nice to enjoy the local shopping and food on each of the islands. Thanks for this amazing giveaway. nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  158. We took our first trip to Disneyland with the intent of spending four days absorbing the “magic” of the kingdom with our three year old twins. Talk about excitement! We arrived at the hotel and while my husband was getting the stroller out of the taxi, my daughter standing on a bench right next to me fell backwards and we spent the next four days in the hospital soaking up the smell of disinfectant. We would love a chance at a do over!

  159. I remember going to Mount Rushmore with my grandparents as a kid and how much fun it was to be just me and them without other adults around

  160. Would like to do over our 1 day honeymoon that got interrupted by Hurricane Hugo. Spent the 2nd night with wet clothes in a Econo-lodge, no other rooms available in Raleigh.

  161. My best vacation was a family cruise that we took to the Carribean. Best 7 days ever. It was nice to be able to see different places and have things for the kids to do.

  162. We decided to take a babymoon to the Dominican Republic when I was 6 months pregnant. I got severe sunburn and had to be hospitalized. Worst trip ever!

  163. my next unique story: I used to go to Florida all the time with my family to visit my grandparents. They still live there but i havent’ beenn in years. they actually live in a new condo, and I have yet to see it. we almost always drive there, but I believe the first time I flew was to go there.

  164. One of the worst vacations we took turned into one of the best..

    My youngest then was about 6 months old, and after a 5 hour drive staying in a hotel he was a mess. Couldn’t sleep in the hotel, a lot of screaming and keeping everyone else up. I took him to the car and Tried to get him to sleep there but got NONE myself. The next day we nixed the rest of the trip and drove home. Instead we held our first ever ‘staycation’!
    We pretended we weren’t home, didn’t answer the phone, ate out, went to local pools and bowling, rented movies and possibly had one of the best non-vacation vacations we’ve ever had!

  165. We saved up our $ and went to Aruba a few years ago. My son ended up with ear infection and croup. Fever and all! We tried calling back home to Dr a few times and ended up taking him to clinic there and getting prescriptions there. He felt better on day we were to leave. We spend the whole vacation in our room and I hardly slept because I was worried about his cough. Only good thing was I used the jaquzzi a lot because the steam was good for him. We spend a lot of $ that we didnt have on our cell phone bill and insurance didn’t pay for Dr visit or prescriptions since we were out of country. We haven’t been on a vacation since 🙁

  166. Years 10 years ago, my Mom & Aunt decide I needed to experience Florida. They were hoping to get me to move there. Flight was uneventful, but as soon as we started to land a black thunder cloud blew up on our side of the plane. When we came off the plane I was hit by wave of humidity so bad I couldn’t breath. That thunder cloud followed us on the highway for hours. I had acclimated (with my asthma medicine) to the humidity, but was not at all sure about the weather. It was tantalizing to think my indoor plants could grow outside, some into large bushes and trees. Not being able to open the windows at night because of the mold was nasty. Butterfly World was enchanting, and caught my fancy for a few months, at home. In all two weeks in Florida did not convince me to leave New England.

  167. We had both a good vacation and a bad one. In 2006, we went to visit my sister-in-law and her family. While we were there, she found out she had cervical cancer. She has undergone chemotherapy twice and is taking chemotherapy now as the tumor is still present. While it was so great to see her and her family, it would be nice to travel to Arizona when she is well. We also had another incident while on the same trip. We had a rental car and decided to walk back to the hotel after dropping the car off. We got a ride with the airport bus. When we got off the bus, we asked which direction our hotel was. We were told the wrong directions. In the heat of Phoenix, Arizona weather, we walked and finally found the hotel. We had no drinks with us during the walk. For dinner, we had pizza and our son got violently sick. We think he had heat stroke. Basically, he only remembers getting sick as the next morning he still was nauseous. That was our memorable Arizona trip!

  168. I would love to take the family back to Disney World. The kids are older now but it was the best family vacation ever. There is enough to do that everyone can enjoy and staying in one of the park’s hotels makes even our relaxation time fun!

  169. One vacation I want to do over is Vegas. We went a few years ago and saw O the first evening. It was wonderful!

    Next morning I woke up sicker than I’ve ever been with 102 degrees fever. My husband still took us through the desert all day and then to Hoover Dam, where I sat in the car crying while my family did the tour. After that we went back into Las Vegas to the emergency clinic to get my antibiotics. So I barely remember Las Vegas. Please pick me and let me try that again.

    Thank you!

    Suzanne Fleming

  170. Another vacation, Husband, two of our 5 kids (teens) and I along with our cockatiel bird warmly covered in his cage and our cat squished all into a covered small convertible and drove in 14 b elow zero weather for 11 hrs from Michigan to Philadelphia to see my only sister for the first time, It was so cold the locks on our car doors broke. We toured a haunted prison and went on a train ride but to our disappoinment neither of those things were the least bit heated eitehr so we froze. My sisters apt and neighborhood is scary abnd high crime but other parts of the city was awesome. We didnt have gps yet and kept getting lost a lot too. She was still touched we did all that just to be with her for her 40th bd.

  171. We took a vacation when our first born was 8 months old and that was quite a memorable one for all the wrong reasons! 🙂 He hated the sand, water and everything else about the beach… 🙁 He is 3 now and absolutely LOVES it, so that is good. lol
    nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  172. 6 of us, myself, husband, sister-in-law, and 3 boys went to Washington, DC a few years ago during the 4th of July week for 6 days. I had requested a room with 2 beds but all they had was a room with 1 bed so for the whole trip we had to sleep all of us in a room with 1 bed. All the rooms were sold out because it was such a busy week.

  173. family of six travled to L.A to visit family and drove. Took a very long time. I now have a new baby girl would love to take her to meet the family.

  174. worst vacation: Disney World in 2007. I booked a hotel room at what I thought was a major hotel chain off-site, sight-unseen. Oh boy, what a mistake…there was barely any room and it had a murphy bed in the wall that when unfolded…cut off access to the bathroom except if you climbed across the bed! The “Continental Breakfast” was a cheese danish in plastic wrap and the weakest coffee ever; not even juice boxes for the kids! Next time…I check online for pictures and reviews before I book a “frugal” hotel room.

  175. I have 2 most memorable family vacations. One was a trip to South Africa to visit family. The other was a trip to Disney. Now that we have 3 boys I would love to go on our first “family vacation” as we have never gone anywhere with them.

  176. This summer we took a family trip to Yosemite. We drove from LA to Porterville and spent the night there to see some family members we have there. The next morning we woke up bright and early (or so we thought) and were on our way to Yosemite. When we got there, it was pouring rain and we were turned away as the park had already reached capacity. We had no idea it fills up that quickly. We decided to drive back down to Merced and stayed at a Holiday Inn there for the night. We tried our luck the next morning (by waking up at the crack of dawn) and thankfully were able to enter – and it was sunny! We had an amazing time. Hoping to return again and maybe this time stay somewhere inside the park.

  177. I took my ten year old niece and my then 11 month old daughter on a trip to Italy and Paris. We went to see the Eiffel tower and my niece insisted on carrying my daughter in her baby carrier up to the top of the Eiffel tower. We have some wonderful pictures of my niece with my daughter strapped to her belly.

  178. we had a near perfect vacay at Club Med, DR, after a hurricane wiped our Cancun. Club Med let us switch our reservation – we had to buy new tix & then use the old ones within a year, so we actually got 2 vacations out of it. and made great friends at Club Med.

  179. When my son was only 5 months old we drove all he way to Missouri to visit my husbands extended family. It was a 12 hour drive in a car with a 5 month old…very interesting. But it was very nice to see all of his relatives. It would be nice to see them again but a lot harder now that we have 4 kids instead of 1!

  180. We once took a 7 day cruise when it was just me and my wife – would love to go again with 2 kids in tow! We had a great time on the ship and exploring the islands. vasily3 at gmail dot com

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  182. We had a great time when we took a family vacation for my daughter’s high school senior year spring break. We went on a cruise! Once I was sure no one would fall off the ship, it was very relaxing and fun. It’s fortunate that we have wonderful memories from that trip because we haven’t been able to afford a vacation since, now that she is in college!

  183. In Switzerland in the summer and they still had snow. Being from Florida, my kids couldn’t wait to slide on the snow but my daughter’s ankle got caught and broken. She had to be airlifted to a hospital in Visp and I stayed with her until we could return to our tour (she on crutches for the very first time!) Will never forget that.

  184. A few years back, I was fortunate enough to travel to France and walk the beaches of Normandy alone. What an amazing feeling of gratefulness and pride I have had ever sense. Whenever I’m down or having a bad day I just remember the time I spent on the beach and nothing else seems to matter.

  185. We have only been on one family vacation. We drove halfway across the country with our 18 month old to Oklahoma so he could meet his 96yr old great-grandfather. It was quite the experience!

  186. Last summer we went to Destin, FL with our 2 boys (aged 2 and 10 months). They both absolutely loved it! The sun, water, sand, evrything. We also had an amazing condo right on the beach! Would love to do that again. 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  187. First off, thanks so much TravelingMom and Capital One Venture for hosting this amazing contest!

    My amazing journey in Vietnam with my family led me to ride on the back of an elephant up a mountain! They loved the sugar canes we fed them and probably burned so much energy entertaining tourists. I was young at the time so I didn’t give much thought to the welfare of the kind elephants but I do now looking back on it. Still a magical experience though!

  188. Hello. The most emotional experience was seeing my family again after 30+ years. We were separated by war. The last time I saw my sister before that reunion she was still crawling. I feel lucky to be reunited with my dad again before he passed away in 2007. Thank you,

  189. From New Orleans, we took our son to his grandparents in Vermont. We signed him up for his first ski lessons and rented gear for a week. On day one, the stomach flu hit my son. No skiing. Day two, it hit me. Day three, my husband. Need do-over.

  190. I will never forget the time we took our daughter (now 7) on her first plane ride, 5 hrs. She was 6 months old and we were so worried. Luckily she was given her own seat and she was such a good girl. Changing her in the plane bathroom was such an ordeal. My husband assisting me. We went to Mexico and had the best time.

  191. Went on a Girls Trip to Myrtle Beach. Ate undercooked chicken and got food poisoning. A hurricane was skirting the coast at the same time so you couldn’t go in the ocean and it was gloomy the whole time. Not fun!

  192. apparently disaster follows me. one year we were going skiing in the Poconos w/friends but one kids got pneumonia before we left. we went the next year & an ice storm closed the resort – and the highway as we were driving home – trees crashing down all around us. no wonder I don’t drive.

  193. my best trip ever was going to Nepal. We rode elephants, went white water rafting, saw Buddhist temples and monasteries, hiked through villages and saw monkeys roaming the lanes. It was amazing.

  194. My most recent memorable vacation was Vegas with the kids. We met our really good friends down there and swam, walked the strip, took the kids to see the sharks, lions, dolphins and m&ms. It was the cheapest vacation and the kids want to go back

  195. We once took a mini vacation to Las Vegas with my wife – we went to see the Grand Canyon too, which was absolutely breath taking! Would love to do that again! vasily3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  196. I went to India for a friend’s wedding, and since money was a little tight, I couldn’t bring my husband or kids along. I had so much fun and really hope to go on a family trip there in the future. That is one trip I would be so thrilled to do-over because I really want my family to see all India has to offer.

  197. One of our bad vacations was when we wanted to bring my mom & our kids to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio (from Michigan). My mom invited a friend of hers and he woke up with the flu that day but instead of staying home he HID the fact and went anyway and didn’t tell us! About 1/2 way there we had to keep stopping so he could use the bathroom or throw up repeatedly. So we left him at hotel and went to park and we weren’t at the amusement park for even 1 hr then my mom got sick and we had to leave again to drop her off at the hotel too. We finally got to let our kids go on rides but then we had to scrimp money for a 2nd hotel room to be away from the sick people. I was SOOOO mad at her friend, what a jerk.

  198. When my husband and I visited Paris we went to the Louvre and got a little lost (it’s huge!). There was an Italian couple that was lost too and we were all trying to find the same thing. My husband wound up communicating in Spanish to them because we didn’t know Italian, they didn’t speak English and we were all pretty bad at speaking French!

  199. I am one of those people born without the “direction gene.” I am continually lost, am always looking at the map upside down or backwards, and generally confused about where I am and where I’m going. So it never fails that people come up to me and ask for directions! The most memorable time was when I was wandering down a street in Madrid (I actually wasn’t lost for once, just browsing) when someone came up to me with a flurry of Spanish beginning with “Donde esta . . .” I knew right then we were in trouble! I even managed to understand what it was they wanted directions to, I was just incapable of telling them how to get there!

  200. Ona trip last Christmas, we were in Grand Cayman and decided to wander about and see some sights. Before we left, I couldn’t find my sunscreen so I used my partners. It said 50x so, I thought I would be great most of the day. Little did I know; it was amplifier. By noon, I was as red a lobster and my nose peeled for the rest of the trip, no photos for me, thanks. I had a blast anyway and would 100% do it all again.

  201. We have been fortunate and have not had any huge circumstances other than family not understanding that we can’t be three places at once.

  202. My favorite trip was Egypt. Got to see the pyramids, sphinx, valley of the kings, and cruised down the nile for a week. My daughter still jumps up and yells “my mommy rode one of those” every time she sees a camel.

  203. Let’s see how about the Trip to Hawaii my husband surprised me with by wrapping the tickets up in a People Magazine in my Christmas STocking (I hate People Magazine BTW) 🙂
    He also arranged all the childcare etc.. in advance of that trip, how sweet is THAT!?

  204. Best vacation I ever had was a trip I won for my husband and I to visit Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah. Beautiful country and Best Friends was amazing. We got to keep a “loaner” dog overnight in our cabin.

  205. I don’t make much money and over a year’s time I saved over $1000 to take my husband and kids to mackinac island and to surprise them with parasailing and ferries and fudge etc, The parasailing was a huge surprise and they were elated even though it was freezing cold that morning they said it was an experience of a lifetime, that was our first activity planned on a day full of activities I’d planned for them, I went to pay the parasailing guys and it said I didnt have enough money I knew I had over a thousand so I tried calling my bank but they dont answer the ph on sat. we were half a state away from them. We called people back home to go thru drivethru to get them on phone to talk to us bc we were trapped up north with no money and they refused to get on phone I learned later I have limit on how much I can get out a day, we ended up doing fun free things and luckily I had prepaid for the ferry tickets so we made best of difficult situation

  206. I surprised my husband with tickets to Bermuda for his 29th birthday. we were trying to have a baby & while I was there I had a bike accident. Came home & got pregnant – best post-vacay ever

  207. I actually won a trip to Hawaii from an online contest. I thought it was a scam when they told me I won! Hawaii had been my dream vacation for years. I finally had the chance to visit and it was free. Now, we’re planning to go back again.

  208. As a teenager I went to Disney World with my high school choir – it was my one and only time going there and it was so magical. Now that I have 4 children of my own it is my dream to bring them there and watch that magic and wonder in their eyes!

  209. When I was 17, my best friend and I went to LA for the first time. We assumed big city, big public transportation right? Wrong. We were very young and naive and started asking strangers for rides and even went so far as to stay in a strangers hotel room sleeping on the floor because we also ran out of money. It was foolish but we survived.

  210. My story is about when I took my family to Wisconsin for an old friend’s wedding. This is in the day long before GPS systems or Google maps. We became extremely lost and arrived at the ceremony too embarrassed to walk in so we ended up turning around and thinking of an excuse/apology on the way home. At least my daughters got to see the home of the Green Bay Packers!

  211. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and for our honeymoon we went to Disney World. It is our one and only trip we have ever taken together. We drove the whole way there (about 2 days of driving). We would love to be able to take our children on a real trip somewhere as a family vacation. It is one of my fondest memories, and I would love to build those kind of memories for my children

  212. We didn’t have the money to take a real honeymoon so we decided to go to my in-law’s vacation home for the weekend after we got married. We promised ourselves we’d do a “real” honeymoon in a few months. After a few hours in the house, we heard a noise downstairs and it was… my in-laws. Surprise! They decided to come for the weekend too! And they brought grandma!

    I’ve never gotten over that (truly, what were they thinking?) and even worse, we never did get a real honeymoon, or even a real vacation. It’s now been eight and a half years of working, having kids, and no vacations. A do-over honeymoon/family vacation would be a little bit of a dream come true, at this point!

  213. I won a fancy trip to Lanai, hawaii from KCRW, an LA NPR station. I took my best friend and unbeknownst to me, she decided to use that trip as her detox from her 4x/day heroine habit.

    It was a gnarly trip. She’s sober now and she owes me one.

  214. Flying from Alabama to Seattle with a stop in Dallas, shear winds over Dallas meant a really bumpy ride for what felt like an eternity while we circled the sky waiting for an opportunity to land. Low on fuel and unable to land, we were diverted to an airport in Louisiana, where were left in the plane on the tarmac for several hours. People were freaking out, wanting to get out of the plane, but there we waited until fueled up and cleared for landing back at Dallas. One thing I can tell you for sure, every drop of alcohol was consumed on that plane, it was the only thing that kept the passengers from complete anarchy!

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  216. This past summer the hubby & I went on a vacation to Florida. We love Florida and look forward to swimming ALL year long. We swapped houses (through a legitimate website) with someone down there. We got there and there were GROSS bugs (I won’t say the actual name since it freaks me out but it started with an R). So there we were, 18 hours from home and without a place to stay. We had to find a place to stay for three weeks QUICK. We finally found somewhere about an hour away. We got there and two days later we got a call from my hubby’s dad that he was in the hospital. We had to leave Florida and drive the 17 hours straight back to Pennsylvania. It was the worst vacation of all time. We would use the money to go back to Florida so we could SWIM this time!

  217. One of the worst vacations ever, but it turned out okay, is when I signed up for an expensive adult-only improve my skiing camp at Smugglers Notch. My wife, who loves to ski herself, agreed to keep an eye on our 10-year-old, who was enrolled in snowboard school himself. Unfortunately, she broke two toes the week before we left, could not even get her foot into ski boots, or drive. So, I drove everyone to the mountain each morning, and she had to sit out the whole trip in the lodge, waiting for our son to finish up with his classes. Then, both of them waited for me. Fortunately, we are still married and still able to laugh about it how many magazines she read!

  218. One of our stops on our last cruise out of New Orleans was Cancun. One of my wife’s “bucket list” items was to swim with the dolphins. It was expensive but worth doing once.

  219. any vacation with my family is the best..although i will never do another road trip across 3 states till my kids are older!

  220. One year we went to Myrtle Beach and the older kids were instructed to come inside over the noon hour because the sun would be hot then. They were having so much fun they didn’t go inside. Even though they used sunscreen frequently my daughter suffered from sunburn that made it difficult to enjoy the rest of the vacation….guess sometimes mother does know best?!

  221. As a teenager I went to Tampa, Florida on a mission trip with my youth group. It was one of the most rewarding week of my life!

  222. RSVP @kymnasium!/kymnasium/status/143363460678422529
    I wanted to travel on a boat to another island, my husband making me happy said sure, we also took our 3yr old nephew. On the boat my nephew & husband were so seasick, when we reached the other island, he couldn’t drive, I had to, the hotel was 40mins away, traveling there we stopped along the way, so they could basically throw up, took me 30mins longer to get to the hotel, when we reached there they slept the whole night we were only visiting for 2days, I had a big weekend planned, well we didn’t do the island tour there was no time. The best part was my nephew has alittle slur he goes Aunty we so sick but the S becuase of his slur the S was replaced wit Ia D lol so yes please need a do over! :))

  223. One of my most memorable trips was camping with a college buddy in Minnesota. We were shocked when a bear invited himself to dine at our camp!

  224. i once took a family vacation to yellowstone in the winter. although it was incredibly beautiful, the temperatures were sub-zero and they had record snowfalls during our stay.

  225. I loved the Mall of America when I was 9yrs old. It was my first plane ride ever and Knott’s Camp Snoopy made it all worth it!

  226. One of my favorites travel time was every summer when I was a child. We would load up the van or travel trailer and see the United States. I have been to all the lower 48 states!

  227. When I was a college student living in London, my sister arrived and we planned a fun visit to Wales. On the train, she consumed a bag of dried apples and a few cans of Tab. She wound up w/severe abdominal pain (thanks to the effects of liquid on dried apples). Needless to say, the Welsh experience requires a re-do!!!

  228. A few years back, we decided to take a road trip from Florida back up to NY near Thanksgiving. We were hoping for snow, but got ice in NC, rain and sleet up the eastern coast, but no snow. To make matters worse, our son ended up getting a virus and got sick all over our rental car!! We had to stop at a gas station in MD and hose off his carseat, use thin blankets as towels, and clean the car. It was the WORST vacation ever. We ended up missing the parade in NYC, then catching his virus, and spent the entire vacation in the bathroom.

  229. I took a vacation to Antigua with my daughter who was 4yrs old at the time she is now 8 yrs old as of yesterday. I did not av the money for hotel so a family offered to put me up it was the worst thing i could do because I had to wash, cook and clean and me and my daughter had to sleep in a room with her and a boyfriend I spoke up about the issue an was tell I had to get out it was a good thing i had met someone who is now a good friend of mine and she put me up over night till i was able to change the date on my ticket and my daughters ticket to go back home.

  230. Visited family in Jacksonville, FL and made the trek down to Walt Disney World for Christmas. Spent my birthday (Christmas Eve) and surrounding days at a crowded park where it poured and poured. Never expected a rainy adventure but it sure was memorable. DisneyWorld still remains the happiest place on earth to me.

  231. Visited my favorite travel partner/long distance lover one Xmas while rest of family was away. Spent my birthday (Xmas Eve) and Christmas in Luxembourg. Amazzzing environment with amazing scenery. I’d like to relive another amazing something with those that I love.

  232. When I was 12 and 13 my mom and I got to go to the panhandle of Florida to visit family friends. I remember those trips being so much fun because it was just my mom and I and I had 2 other siblings at home. I love that area and my family and I want to move their some day!

  233. My Daughter and I were driving from Maine to Amherst College in Amherst, Massachusetts, then on to Vermont to a University there so that she could interview and view the colleges. Mass went alright, but on to Vermont we ran into a major snow storm and did not arrive until midnight. Was a challenge to get into our lodgings, even tho we called ahead many times. We did finally find a bed to sleep in, but I wouldn’t do that again. After all that, she didn’t choose either of them.

  234. I lived vicariously thru a friend who took her 2 kids to Paris – one had her appendix rupture & they had to stay in France for 3 wks. Husband had to go back to NY to work & take other kid to school. She needs to go back to France!

  235. My dad had gotten our first vcr & camcorder when we went to Florida when I was a kid. Camcorders were so new that the battery pack was a separate box that he had to carry in a bag over his shoulder the whole time. I love having all of the video from the trip though, so I’m glad he shouldered it back then. 🙂

  236. We had gotten married & planned on a beautiful vacation costed us 5000 dollars, the day of our wedding I as running a high fever coughing ugh! The wedding was perfect family & friends came. I between coughing & saying I do lol That night we got to the hotel I was so sick I slept the whole night on our wedding might! Oh gees! Next day still sick! I felt better on the 4th day but we were leaving lol if I get this trip we are so doing it up! Married for 21 yrs & still going!!/kymnasium/status/143538002436694017

  237. A nice vacation we recently took was a quick weekeend getaway to the mountains. It was so nice and relaxing! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  238. My family once took a vacation to Europe about 10 years ago. We went to visit our relatives back home. It was quick an interesting journey.

  239. Hubby and I went to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days when we first got married. It was absolutely breahtaking! Pictures just don’t do it justice. Would love to go see it again with 2 kiddos in tow 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  240. We took a trip to Yellowstone this year. While we were there, we had the opportunity to watch 11 different grizzly eat on a downed carcass. It was amazing to see in real life. Just like a National Geographic show.

  241. I had the nicest spa getaway with my best friend. We spent the entire afternoon at a beautiful spa that resembled nothing of the chaotic city that owned it. Being there was like a gap in time away from the hustle & bustle of New York City. Spas aren’t cheap luxuries but they can really do so much for our well-being.

  242. We took my son’s friend with us on vacation one year to Cape Cod and he got caught stealing CONDOMS! The name of the store was “Stop n Shop” so we renamed it “Stop n Shoplift” for the sake of my son’s friend!
    Thank You!!

  243. We went on a cruise a family cruise….well we knew the weather was bad but everyone got sick on the sick due to the horrible swaying. Weather was not sunny and beautiful and we were rushed home. At the time, it was not at all exciting or fun, and more a panic thing and when we got back it was a fight to get our car and get home..hmm the horrible weather was katrina and we have great memories, but it was scarey and terrifying, epecially with kids.

  244. My husband and I won a trip to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. I only wish we had more days to spend there because we barely had time to see everything although we did make it to Pearl Harbor; my husband is a history buff. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the island was but what shocked me was how everyone had their hot water tanks on their porch balconies in the apartment buildings. I guess it never gets cold enough to worry about them freezing.

  245. While traveling to Orlando with my young daughter, I kept setting off the alarm each time I walked through the airport’s metal detector. After removing every metallic item I could think of, the alarm still went off. At this point, I was told to spread-eagle my arms & legs because I was going to get patted down & felt up. My daughter was probably 7 or 8 years old at the time and she began laughing uncontrollably while the TSA agent performed her job. To this day, my daughter tells anyone within earshot how her mother got frisked while heading to Walt Disney World on a mother & daughter vacation.

  246. We went out to swim with the stingrays on Grand Cayman Island. What stuck in my mind after all these years was that the stingrays would brush up against you like a cat looking to get petted.

  247. we used to go to Cincinnati (where my husband is from) every summer. My m-i-l lives in a development with a pool & tennis court, plus the huge local pool has water slides. We wd also go to King’s Island theme park and all the museums. But we camp, summer jobs, and more exotic vacations, we haven’t been in years. Would love to redo a trip there.

  248. We went on a trip to Ireland with my 9 month old and my parents. The flight over our seats were mixed up. We were planning on being in Ireland for 8 days. There was lots of driving the first 3 days which my 9 month old hated the car and screamed. We kept having to stop on these winding narrow roads so that I could nurse the baby. On the 4th day my sister called to tell us her and the kids had swine flu n that we were exposed to it. my dr said if we get it we will have to stay there for a few weeks bc the baby would need to be hospitalized, and that we should come home. We booked a flight for the next night. 4 days earlier than expected. We packed and headed out. Upon returning the rental car they told us there was a crack in the windshield that we must pay for-it was nearly $800usd. We boarded the plane n disputed the charge but ended up paying $400 and a Change flight fee of $100 per person and missed half of our trip! We call that vacation “the trip of which we never speak!”

  249. When I was 19 my best friend decided to move from CT to AZ and I went along for the ride with another one of our friends. For three days we traveled across the country. I was stuffed in the back of a 2 door VW Golf surrounded by luggage & I had a pomeranian on my lap. Somewhere around Texas I got a really bad cold and none of us could buy cold medicine out west because we were under 21! I was so excited to be on a roadtrip with my girlfriends though so I just sucked it up and pretended I wasn’t sick!!

  250. We travel to my husband’s grandparent’s cabin in Idaho near Yellowstone about every other summer. It’s beautiful and the best part. There’s NOTHING to do! Seem strange. It’s not. No cell phone service, no McDonald’s we cook everything, and play on 4Wheelers (okay there’s LOTS to do) it’s just that it’s all FAMILY time while we are there. We love taking short day trips to see the beautiful country, and in fact we rarely go IN to Yellowstone! 🙂

  251. Once I let my sister take my two daughters on a company picnic. It was a big regret because I found out later a bunch of her coworkers got VERY drunk and were hurling over the side of the boat! My youngest daughter still remembers and reminds me from time to time how ‘gross it was.’

  252. I took my husband home to where I grew up in Canada.I would love to take him back-this time with our son to see his family that he hasn’t met yet.

  253. Our Thanksgiving holiday/40th birthday getaway celebration in Yosemite National Park this year started out picture perfect. Until my 3.5-year-old accidentally bumped into a rock my 7-year-old was preparing to throw into the river. Six hours & 11 stitches later, he seemed no worse for the wear. Wish I could say the same for me!

  254. We traveled to NYC a couple years ago. We stayed an the Crown Plaza Time Square. I checked in and we went to our room. I used the electronic key to open the door and when I opened it, there was a naked man standing there getting dressed! I was disturbed for most of my vacation! The Crown Plaza took no responsibility for it! They said he check out and went back and occupied the room! I don’t believe that. I think they gave me an occupied room! I lost my Oakley sunglasses as I was running out of the room, they wouldn’t even replace them!

  255. When my husband and I went to Paris last year we had so much fun!….. until the last couple of days. We both got sick! 🙁

  256. Some freaky drunk dude follwed me from Grand Central Station about 8 blocks to my hotel in NYC because he liked my panty hose. HELP!

  257. I’m running out of vacation memories but I wouldn’t mind redoing my honeymoon. It was just a weekend in Lake Geneva Wisconsin because that’s all we could afford but it was my honeymoon so I would love to do it again (and wouldn’t mind if it was in Hawaii this time!).

  258. I went to Panama after Christmas about 10 years ago with my brothers, a few cousins, and my soon-to-be-husband. We were joining my brothers for their ‘surf trip”- well it was a rugged adventure. After flying to Panama and then taking buses and a truck or two (sitting in back) to the shore we took a John Boat to an island with huts (no electricity or anything). The bugs were insane and they had wild boar on the island. We had fun (made fun)- but my husband still complains about that trip- it was a bit crazy but fortunately we survived it.

  259. December, 2007, my husband and I went with my parents and my siblings and their spouses on a trip to Hawaii. Woundn’t you know it, the biggest storm in 50 years decided to show up as well! All of the beaches were closed. The road to Hanna was flooded and all of the cute little pools and waterfalls were raging and dirty. Most of the restaurants had signs up saying they didn’t have food because of the storm. The power was out. The traffic lights were out and traffic was a nightmare. There was one grocery store open and they were out of flashlights and candles. We had prepaid to go snorkeling at Molikini Crater and the company took us out to it but then refunded our money because visibility in the water was so poor. We also had our condo flood. The trip was unbelievable, really. It rained most of the time and it was cold. In fact, wanna know what souvenirs I bought for myself? A rainjacket and a hooded sweatshirt!

  260. When I was a kid, my family went to Florida one summer. Somehow my parents missed the notification that our street was going to be repaved the day before we left – thankfully my dad got our van moved a block over before they started paving, but we had to carry all of our luggage over a block to load up!

  261. After we researched, planned and saved, we finally took the family on a much-desired vacation!We missed the flight there, had to reschedule and lose hotel $$…got there 8 days later and stayed through 5 days of rain(in a cabana!) Could not go swimming, surfing, snorkeling or anything we had researched, planned and saved to do:-( We heard the previous week was beautiful!

  262. My worst vacation was a trip my family and I took to Disney. At the start of our trip my husband fell on the stairs and ended up having to lay down and rest his back the whole weekend while I took three little ones to Disney. In the end my husband got the rest he needed and my kids had a great time. It was tiring on me but worth it in the end. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  263. We once went on a “staycation” in San Diego for a weekend. Spent one day at Sea World which was a blast for us and the next day exploring Balboa Park and Gaslamp. One of my favorite family trips.

  264. We went to the Bahamas once in February and it was too cold to swim very much and since there is not much else to do but we made the most of it. We went back home feeling like we did not have much of a vacation.

  265. When I was about 10 years old we went on vacation to Mexico. They just told me to pack clothes and since it was hot where I lived I only took shorts. When we got there is was close to zero degrees!!!

  266. Our whole extended family went to Park City right after my in-laws first two grandsons were born. My son got an ear infection on the way out, and my nephew got one on the way back…what a loooonnnng flight!

  267. During one spring break trip we stayed in seedy motels because they were cheap. As an adult, I can’t believe I set foot in places as bad as those!

  268. We were going to short cut through yellowstone on a trip. We drove all the way to the main entrance where we were meet with a wall of snow

  269. Took my son on a road trip when he was 3. He had recently been potty trained but had never been exposed to autoflush toilets. Let’s just say that he was petrified of them and it set us back a bit.

  270. The first time I saw snow was on a family vacation – we were going to Dollywood and it wasn’t supposed to snow, but the first night in our hotel room it did and we woke up the next morning snowed in! No theme park that trip, but the snow was SO much more fun!

  271. We had to go to Florida to do all fun tihgs there, BUT we did what my inlaws wanted, ate at all the worst places and we missed the real experience of Disney with our kids! Waste or time and money. terrible and wish we could go back without telling them! 🙂

  272. I would love to redo a trip I took to Glacier National park. I didn’t realize that Mountain Cedar grows in that area. Came off the plane and immediately started sneezing and wheezing. Ended up in the hospital in Montana for two days. Never leave on vacation without allergy meds and an inhaler!!

  273. Went to Myrtle Beach one summer week. Thought I had the bases covered with an umbrella for shade and sunscreen. Not enough. Fair skin, red hair, freckles. Wound up in the hospital with sun poisoning and could not put on a shirt or shoes for close to 2 weeks.

  274. I left my laptop at a security stop in France while on my way to Sweden from the US. I did not figure this out until the next day when I woke up and wanted to check my email. It was not a fun week trying to figure out how to get it back…because, by some miracle, it was not stolen!

  275. Took a mother, daughter trip out to Calgary where we rented a car and drove through the rockies from Banff and on to Nelson B.C to stay with my girlfriend and her family. We often talk about this trip as it was an adventure and a half! The forest fires were rampant when we went out West and we had helicopters hovering over Rivers collecting water while we drove along side. The road to Radium from Banff only opened that morning and the erie, black smoldering forest was haunting. One turn in the road brought us so close to a fire we could see the flames! We stopped at all the hot springs along the way wearing our bathing suits while driving. The Banff Springs hotel spa was a special treat after driving in caos. This was an amazing vacation!

  276. We were on a cross country flight-just had dinner, and my 9 y/o son had to go to the bathroom. He was gone for a very, very long time, and I was just about to get up to see if he was ok. Just then, the ‘seatbelt’ lights came on, with an announcement from the pilot about turbulence. So I was deciding how to handle this, and just about flagged down a attendant, when he came strolling back to his seat. I said, ‘buddy, are you ok?’ He said, ‘yeah, I’m fine.’ I asked, ‘what took you so long?’ He said, ‘well, I was done pooping, and just done washing my hands, and the ‘return to seat’ light came on.’ ‘OK’ I said, ‘why didn’t you come back?’ He said, ‘well, I sat back down on the toilet’ (try not to laugh here) He said, ‘ I thought maybe I didn’t wash good enough, or had to wait or something’ HA HA, what a guy! He’s 22 now, and we still laugh about it!

  277. We would love to redo our trip to Colorado. We missed our connecting flight going there. We waited three hours on the plane at a connecting flight going home, then it was canceled had to sleep at the airport, and our 12 year old daughter who was on a different flight with her skating team made it home and had to sleep at her coach’s house!

  278. We thought our cabin would be rustic but did not realize that it was over the water and that the floor was just planks. It was unusually cold and really uncomfortable so we stayed huddled together on the one bed instead of camping on the floor with the kids like we had planned.

  279. I drove from Louisiana to Canada several times. It was always such a pleasure to see the landscape changing, the mountains, then the snow …and to hear all of the regional accents.

  280. I still remember the trip I took as child from the Bronx, NY to Canada. We started driving at the crack of dawn and made some stops along the way. Visited family in Montreal and Toronto and wanted to move there! First time I saw Niagra Falls.

  281. Before I was married, my family took a trip to Canada a couple of times in which we drove all the way from GA to Canada. It was quite an adventure! I loved it! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  282. For Kim..
    On flight home from Toronto, 1 kid puked. Kind stewardess got a washcloth – and another kid started puking from smell. On the cab ride home, 3rd realized they were hitting her with effluvia so she started. That’s when I lost it…

  283. We love to ski in Colorado. One year we decided to take the train to Winterpark. We had to drive to Omaha to catch the train. The train got to the mountains just as morning was breaking. It was a beautiful ride.

  284. Another “favorite” travel disaster was when my family was in Steamboat Springs. We’d just been to the rodeo and when we walked to our vehicle, we were confronted with the worst-case scenario: we could not find the keys.

    We soon discovered them in the ignition, with the car still running and the doors locked.

    We had been gone for three hours.

    I will spare you the sordid details. Just know they involved exhausted kids and a locksmith trying to break into our unbreakable car.

  285. When I was a child, we took a trip to Mexico. My mom forgot that riding with the windows down gives me an ear infection! All the infections helped to contributed toward me being legally deaf later on but anyway, by the time we got to Rosorito Beach, my ears were infected and I was in so much pain we had to go to a Mexican Doctor! LOL!

  286. When I was a teenager my family took a road trip to see my Grandfather in New York. On the way there we got stuck in a snow storm and didn’t move for 24 hours!

  287. Hi – Went to Gronau am Leine in Germany and though it was a small town, it had a lot to offer the traveler; from a lovely outdoor Italian Ice cream shop to wonderful Churches and a great museum. We will be going back again soon.

  288. On a trip to California our van broke down in the middle of the desert in july. A family stopped and drove us four hours to the boat that was taking us to Coronado Island and also helped us to get someone to tow our van. It was a trip where everything went wrong but it was one of the most memorable and meaningful vacations we have ever had.

  289. One of the best trips of my life was taking my two daughters to meet their grandparents, uncles, aunts and other extended family for their very first meeting. Very emotional indeed.

  290. Went to Sea World when I was a kid and leaned in to observe a birds nest. Mother Bird was hiding in their and took a nip at my nose!

  291. OK this one is a do-over. Took my husband’s mom & Gma to visit an uncle a few states away. Everything was fun but if I could do-over, I would stay at a hotel.

  292. One of the times we traveled to Alpena MI (northern MI) to visit my parents on an inland lake there, everything seemed to go fine, 2 of the girls spent a whole day playing with crayfish in a bucket of water from the lake on the front lawn like pets. On the way home in the car the girls got sick to their tummy & were crying not feeling well. Within days after getting home they were so ill they were listless/lethargic, testing showed they had bacteria from the lake in their systems and were sick with serious illnesses of Shigella and E.Coli. The younger of the 2 was hospitalized for 2 weeks & the dr.s were worried it would go into bloodpoisoning and affect her organs. It was so scary, fortunately both girls eventually recovered. The health dept got involved to find the source of the infection which is how we found out it was from that lake (the water was really low at the time due to drought so bacteria was higher than normal).

  293. Due to lots of snow days impacting our school calendar and graduation dates we had to re-arrange a long planned Alaska cruise vacation. We settles for a land tour of Anchorage and the Kenai but would love to go back and take that cruise because we were all disappointed we had to miss out.

  294. We once took a trip to Clearwater, FL for vacation a long time ago – it was not very nice there. Our hotel room had an awful smell and the water had tons of seaweed – needless to say, that was the only time we had been there 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  295. I once took a trip to Destin, FL with my family. We absolutely loved it! We make it an effort to go there every year. Although a couple of years ago we went to Amelia Island instead bc of the whole oil spill situation near the gulf…Amelia was nice as well. vasily3 (at) gmail (dot) com

  296. My favorite trip so far has been the California road trip we took last year. We flew to Anaheim, did the Disney thing, then drove slowly up the west coast over the next 10 days. It was wonderful. We were having such a great time that in 1800 miles, my kids never turned on their Game Boys! I wish we could do it again.

  297. We took an overnight trip to Great Wolf Lodge about this time last year and my kids loved it. It was our first ‘family trip’ in a very long time and we loved spending time together in the water park.

  298. While on a cruise in the western Caribbean, we took a shore excursion in Belize. It was a river boat ride through the jungle. We saw spider monkeys, manatees, crocodiles, and even had a couple of dolphins following our boat.

  299. we were buying a new house & had planned a vacay for right after move in. Had bank problems, closing was delayed, had to change flights. Then on last of 3 (!) flights the same day (never again) it was oversold & they tried to remove my 3 y o

  300. judy511
    Have a funny/disaster family travel story? Tell it on #TMOM & b entered 2 win 4 airline tix + hotel #DoubleTake
    8 seconds ago

  301. I’d love to do over our Canada trip this year – everything started out well but two days in, we all came down with colds and had to cut the trip short.

  302. ok first real vacation in 20 years (right after a divorce) get to the hotel and the room is not ready so I take the kids to eat while waiting for our room, on the way back I sit in traffic waiting on a red light and get hit by a truck. spend the next 6 hours in the er getting the kids checked and go back to the hotel with one wearing a neck brace. the vacation was going to six flags so guess what we could not ride most of the rides. what started out as a fun vacation wound up being no fun at all

  303. On my first cruise, I loved the food so much (who wouldn’t?). The waiter surprised me one night at dinner by bringing me a second dish after I finished every drop of my first. I had no idea that I could ask for seconds or try something else on the menu! I kinda wish I didn’t know that now with the weight I’ve gained 🙂

  304. Took our first cruise 3 years ago to the Bahamas.Month was Dec and the remnants of a hurricane were still there.Could not believe how churmed p and murky the beach water wqs and how cold it was

  305. After surgery, my husband took me on a trip to see holiday lights. He is pushing me down the street on my walker when we hit a pothole. The walker flipped over with me and my husband followed on top. He sprained his ankle and I spent the night with a needle trying to pick the gravel out of my palms and knees.

  306. Our honeymoon 20 years ago camping on Outer Banks of NC, one perfect day, the next day Hurricane Hugo hit. Had to canoe back and almost drowned in the waves. Everything soaking wet, headed into Raleigh and only hotel room open was an EconoLodge with cigarrette burns all over the carpet and furniture. That day my dad had a heart attack in Alantic City, and my family is calling to see if I go go be with my mom. I didn’t even have any dry clothes! Would love to someday have a second honeymoon.

  307. We went to Universal in Orlando and of course it rained all day, which turned out to be fantastic. The tempature was 90 degrees drizzly and the best part no lines.

  308. Just won a trip on the Norweign Cruise Line in a sweepstakes going in Feb. to the Bahamas. Yes people do win and it is free. I have won trips before but not on a cruise. A lot of entries in others but finally hit one once in a while. Its not work but a hobby and dream of winning.

  309. Taking a trip BY MYSELF to Brazil for a MONTH. (Before husband and kids) Best present I ever gave myself. Fresh water dolphins and iridescent plankton in the water on New Year’s Eve 1997. Perfect moment.

  310. My favorite vacation was a trip to Florida with my parents, my husband and my 5 year old daughter. We went to Discovery Cove and swam with the Dolphins. It was amazing. I made up a picture book of the whole experience. I will never forget it.

  311. After watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind with our kids, we took a camping trip to Devil’s Tower. Unfortunately the camp ground was closed because the water was unsafe. We ended up at a Holiday Inn.

  312. There is this cute bed and breakfast about an hour away that my husband and I visited while I was pregnant with my last child. It is gorgeous and situated on 500 acres of land with golf carts you can take on trails, and a tiny private “lake” stocked with fish and canoes and paddle boats you can use. It was the nicest vacation EVER and we want to go back so bad! Best part (with 4 kids) is that no kids are allowed! 🙂

  313. A few years ago, I had the chance to return to Asia for the Chinese New Year’s festivities! It was the first time in a long time since I was a little boy. I remembered all the toys vendors still sell on the streets this time of year and it brought back many memories. Personally, the Chinese New Year celebration has more significance to me than the Western celebration. It’s really about being part of a community and sharing for me, not so much about drinking and partying.

  314. I took my son to Orlando and I was sick the entire trip. My son didn’t get to go to DisneyWorld or to swim with the dolphins

  315. The vacation that most often comes to mind when I think of BAD vacations is the time when I really overscheduled my young kids for 2 weeks in Florida. We went from Boca Raton to Orlando over those 14 days. With their meltdowns coming at just the time I was most looking forward to: NASA.

  316. Our best vacation was when my husband and I went to Hawaii for our 20 year anniversary just the 2 of us for 2 weeks but now we owe our adopted 8 year old a make up vacation she was upset that we went without her and she didnt get a vacation, but Hawaii was beautiful and peaceful!

  317. I’ll never forget strolling a moonlit cruise ship deck with my 2yo daughter and 10 month old son in a stroller. Where was my husband at this romantic moment? 1,000 miles away, at home. At the last minute, his work wouldn’t let him have the time off. So I went (it was paid for by his grandparents, who were celebrating their 60th anniversary).

  318. Every time I go home to Calgary, chaos and nightmares ensue. One memorable trip, they couldn’t find my son’s reservation and then we got stuck in the plane on the runway for hours on end.

    Then, on our way back our flight got CANCELED because a bird hit the plane (literally), I couldn’t get another flight out that day, had a nightmare navigating customs again with two small kids. Good times! Or not.

  319. The Holiday 2005: A Three Act Play in Which Adults Behave Badly, Children are Sick, and Dogs Eat Vomit.
    Really. Who knew that one bout of the stomach flu could take down an entire family physically, emotionally, and hierarchically?
    I give mad props to Mary, Jesus’ momma, because bearing the firstborn son is rough, rough duty.
    The kid himself is a gift. The stomach flu he picked up at The Oasis in Colby, KS is infamous.
    For the sake of brevity, just know that child infected mother, who infected father, who infected father-in-law, who infected brother-in-law, who infected his mother, and then the virus was ingested by the dog (you don’t want to know how)…who just ended up with wicked diarrhea.
    This all happened between December 23rd and December 27th. And, though not “a family of the stage,” through our family runs a deep vein of theater. Frankly put, this was the most dramatic holiday. Ever.

  320. Its such a joy as we travel with our daughter and darling granddaughter. Just watching the smile on her face, just amazing.

  321. A couple years back we were on our way to Maui. We got as far as Catalina Island and the plane began to descend! The pilot came overhead and said there was a problem and we were turning around. As we got closer to LAX, I noticed a bunch of emergency vehicles on the runway! I said to my hubby “Look, I think those are for us” He said that he didn’t think so! They were for us! The tower was afraid we might explode! The plane had a fuel leak near some part between the engine and something else! UGH! We didn’t leave again until the next day! Life is an adventure!

  322. One of our vacations was to Watertown, WI. A bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone. The quiet town and enjoyable walks where people greet one another when passing each other on the street. Stop in any coffee shop for good food not to mention the good laid back conversations. We plan on going back again.

  323. one of my favorite family trips was this past summer. We flew to Washington DC. My older girls are the perfect age to see the historical sights and it was my husband’s first time there. It was an experience that we’ll always remember (except my then 19 month old)

  324. Instead of enjoying our pre-paid vacation swimming with dolphins and enjoying Sea World, my husband had emergency surgery and my father-in-law (who lived with us) was in a separate hospital at the same time. Going back and forth between two hospitals with two very young children was difficult. My husband used his vacation days to recover. When he returned to work everyone asked how his vacation went. Apparently they thought we were out having fun when he was just recovering from surgery. Definitely one of those times I was thankful it happened the night before we left instead of during the trip. If this every happens again my husband and father-in-law will be transported to the same hospital and share a room, just to make it easy on the rest of us!

  325. I would love to repeat last summer’s vacation. We were able to drive up to Cape Cod, from PA, with our 5 year old triplets. We spent a week in Provincetown, right before the big tourist invasion and we had most of the beaches to ourselves. One day we went out on the whale boats and we actually got to see seven big North American whales, it was so amazing to share that with our kids. I don’t know that we’ll be able to have another summer vacation like that next year, it ended up being really expensive. I would love to win this contest for my family!

  326. My favorite family vacation to date was when me and my 3 sisters decided to take a family vacation together to San Francisco. We loved every minut of it…. That is until we got lost in the golden Gate park one day. I would LOVE to go again and eat the clam chowder,nice cream from ghiradelli, and a crepe and crab on the pier. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

    Cindyhinckley at msn

  327. Worse vacation was Bahamas in February. Who knew it ever got cold there. Spent a lot of money at an already expensive resort because we had to find other things to do than swim and laying on the beach.

  328. I would love a second Disney vacation. It was a fabulous vacation, but went way too fast. I also tried to squeeze everything into 5 days and we were exhausted by the time we left. My daughter who was 3 at the time of the vacation still talks about it and we were there almost 2 years ago!

  329. All the girls in my family went to San Francisco for a weekend in honor of the passing of my great aunt. It was a wonderful way to honor her life and death.

  330. The last time we were at Disney, our daughter broke out w/Chicken Pox on day 2. Yeah, that. Now we have another little soul to enjoy it with us, so a repeat would be ideal!

  331. We were on a trip to the mountains when I realized the truth, that my daughter needed professional help. She would freak out if we left the condo, screaming and crying. She refused to even go for a walk, or a swim. At the time, she was seven. It became so clear to me that she was in serious anxiety mode that she couldn’t control Since that horrible trip – she made our lives hell – she was diagnosed with SPD and the therapies have made a huge difference! I was glad I didn’t just brush it under the table.

  332. We took a wonderful little trip up to the Glenwood Springs. A great chance to get a way. We started the day with a hike up to buffalo bills grave. About 15 feet from the top of the mountain I fell and broke my ankle. A less than ideal place to hobble down from.

  333. Staying in hostels throughout Europe was a blast! Met so many people. I remember some of them even had parties for their traveling guests and I loved having breakfast in the morning with shiny + friendly faces- so much better than a chain hotel!

  334. We took a little weekend trip to Louisville for our 1 year anniversary. One thing after another went wrong. The hotel gave us a dirty room, we got lost looking for a bookstore, we couldn’t find a place to park to go to the museum, we missed a turn off coming home and to top it off, we almost got sideswiped by a semi!

  335. My niece and her parents came to California visit us this summer and we met them in a beautiful small coastal town. They rented a cabin for the week but my two year old niece stepped on a heating vent there and got second degree burns on her feet! Because of the blisters, etc., we couldn’t take her to the beach! I want to bring her back out here to experience the ocean and the beach!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  336. For my mother’s 60th birthday, my father arranged a cruise to the Bahamas. The surprise would be that my brother and I and our families would be on the ship when they boarded in Miami, where my brother lives. I had my kids miss a Friday and Monday of school and we flew down from Georgia (an expense we really couldn’t afford). My parents flew from NY…but without their passports.

    They couldn’t board and my brother stayed off to be with them. Since our luggage arrive late but was below, my parents and brother insisted we go anyway. We did, but it was not enjoyable without them.

    My mother was so upset when she found out, and it makes me sad every time I think of that weekend.


  338. Here goes: While traveling to Cancun from San Francisco, I cut my hand on a paper towel dispenser in Mexico City. The next day, I stepped on broken glass underwater at Xel-Ha. A couple evenings later, while walking on the beach at night, a dead man washed up on my feet. The next day, the hotel maid threw my contact lenses away. It was a very long time before I took another vacation!

  339. We try to go up to my Uncle’s mountain cabin every year. It’s isolated, no cell or Internet access, beautiful scenery and a time to connect. We love to teach our five year old about fishing, hiking, animals, campfires, etc. And, of course, we have to end each evening with smores.

  340. We went to chinkateagoue island and saw the horses run wild. Then we went on a hike and we all got ticks:( we finally got them off but it was an. Adventure:)

  341. The first time my (now) husband met my family, we drove to Colorado from Memphis for a ski trip. It was a particularly icy year and there were tons of accidents on the roads. As we were finally nearing the rental cabin where my entire extended family were, we got a flat tire. It was dark with standstill traffic on the windy mountain road, temperatures were in the negative 20s. Bob had just finished changing the tire when my uncles pulled up to help us. He’d made me stay in the car while he did it all himself. My family was impressed!

  342. We had a driving vacation to South Carolina that I would like to do again (in a better car). I can’t stand to be in a car for more than a few hours at a time so the approx 18 hour driver took us 3 days, but we planned it that way and got to stop and discover a bunch of places we never would have visited otherwise.

  343. My husband, 2 of our 5 kids, our cat and our cockatiel drove 11 hrs from MI to Philadelphia to see my sister for a surprise for her 40th birthday (our first visit to see her there ever) in January and it was literally 14 degrees BELOW zero! It was so cold that the locks on our car broke permanently. Then we went on a tour of the haunted penitentary and didnt know it isnt heated at all and froze to death lol and so then we went on a scenic train ride and the train wasn’t heated either so we froze on there too and when I say froze I am not kidding …. 14 degrees BELOW zero is beyond freezing lol We made the best of it though.

  344. On our way home (luckily, I say now, because it didn’t happen while on vacation) my baby started throwing up on the plane and did not stop for the entire 2 hour flight. The thing that made it worse what that the flight attendant kept giving us attitude like we did it on purpose to upset other passengers. But everyone else was nice to use and offered to help.

  345. We took our 4 year old to learn to ski and the mountain ended up getting closed because of a blizzard. It took me two hours to get her down the mountain.

  346. My daughter took me sledding in regular clothes. The snow was atleast 2 feet deep. We were soaked by the time we got back in the car.

  347. We once took a mini vacay to a city in our state – it was quite interesting and historic. I loved exploring the downtown area and eating at the little mom and pop restaurant. nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  348. My husband and I got on a bus in St. Petersburg, Russia. We were told to pay the bus driver, but the bus was so crowded we couldn’t get to the front from the back we’re we got on. The “bus police” pulled us off before we could pay and threaten to take us to jail if we didn’t pay the “fine” of 1000 rubles. We were very upset until we figured out that was only about 2 dollars. Paid it and walked from then on!

  349. When I was in my early twenties (and way too adventurous) I drove TO Galveston to stay with friends during a hurricane. Nothing more than a lot of high wind but it was …exhilarating!

  350. in 2099, my husband left me a note that said “Pack these items… Be ready to go when I get home & don’t ask questions, or we’ll stay home.”

    He had left the kids notes too, of what to pack & chores to do to get read to leave.

    All day I was so excited, wondering what we were doing & where we were going. He took us to Leavenworth, WA, a town with a Bavarian theme that goes all out for Christmas. I’ve always wanted to go & it was such a lovely surprise.

    I would do that trip over again in a heart beat.

  351. My first trip to Europe I rented a car and took my family through a whirlwind tour of 8 short days through several countries. My difficulties navigating the foreign roads caused us to nearly miss our plane on the next leg of our tour! Speaking of tours, we did many tours around the Arc de Triomphe trying to get out of the maze! It was nice having the flexibility of a rental car but for a first-timer it was certainly a challenge that distracted from the enjoyment (at least for me- the driver).

  352. I miss the trips I made with my children when they were younger to Corpus Christi. We would go with only adventure as our itinerary! During our adventures we would just explore. We explored some awesome out of the way spots instead of going to the standard tourist spots. We rode the ferry to Port Aransas & watched the fishing boats come in, we bought fresh shrimp right off the boat & discovered Malaquite Beach. It was awesome watching the crabs come ashore at sunset & my sons catching them and chasing each other with pinchers forward. While my sons have grown up and gone on, these memories will always be with me!

  353. I took my then 18-month-old twins home to visit my mom for the holidays (flying from VA to Los Angeles). Security lines were really long and I was trying to keep kids calm and quiet, which worked until my daughter had a diaper explosion like none I had ever seen before…in the MIDDLE of a 1 hour+ line. There were children in front and behind us, and I distinctly remember one of them freaking out about how bad the smell was. Somehow we made our flight and got everyone cleaned back up again. I was mortified.

  354. We had a family reunion at the Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth, MI. The ages ranged from 3-89 years old and there was something for everyone there! The kids loved the largest family fun center in the Mid-West! Pools, arcades, mini-golf you name it! On the main level was wonderful dining and adult only swim area. The food was outstanding. We dined together for Brunch on Sunday and there wasn’t one dish I wanted to leave off my plate! The service and atmosphere was superb. The attention to detail is apparent and the staff anticipates or facilitates your every need! The Bavarian Inn restaurant is a must stop on your trip, as well as the unique shopping boutiques they offer. There is a wonderful Outlet Mall and fabulous golf courses as well. Like I said something for everyone! Your children will love it and want to know when you are going back! It is also the perfect venue for a family reunion. The Event Sales staff is outstanding and will ensure that your event is well planned!

  355. I remember our first trip to NC from AZ after our daughter was born. It was such a long drive but she did amazing. I was so worried and stressed. I think I was acting more like a baby than she was. lol

  356. Too bad this contest date ends soon because I could go on forever! When my kids were young, a friend loaned us their beautiful cabin at Grand Lake, CO. It was a much-needed getaway after a rough few months.

    Then, are arrived at GL and realized we forgot the key in Denver. Then, we got sick. Then, the weather was horrid and we barely left the cabin. Then, we flooded their basement.

    Good times, good times.

  357. We’ve had both–from accidentally lucking into viewing the Hawaiian Unification Day Parade from in front of the old Royal Palace to wondering “if we’re going up the Hudson Valley from NYC to Albany then why does the sign say “Welcome to Massachussets”?

  358. We went to the Northwest (Oregon and Washington) from Texas. Flying with 3 kids was better than we expected. The trip as a whole was worth repeating. Our favorite stops: Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and Pike Place Market!

  359. One of my favorite hikes was up to Hanging Lake near Glenwoods Springs, Co. Although the hike is only about 2 miles round trip, it is strenuous. However the hike and lake are well worth the effort.

  360. Our family went to california last new year to go to disneyland. There was so many people there that you could hardly walk. However we got to spend a lot of time together talking and laughing.

  361. We flew to Houston to catch up with old family friends and eat delicious barbecue. You can’t get barbecue that good up here…