Twitter Recap: Travel with Medical Challenges

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travel stressTravel is always a fun experience and amazing adventure, but can you still manage to have a memorable vacation when you’re sick. Our tweeters shared their experiences traveling while sick or dealing with medical challenges at our October 15 Monday Night Twitter Party.

We also talked about what we wished hotels and airlines would do to help the situation and what we should carry with us when we’re under the weather.

Have you traveled when you were sick? What happened?


@DebMomOf3: Yes, flew with head cold a few times. Thought my head would explode! Last time, started off prepared and went much better.

@GeekDad248: Was in Mexico with bad case bronchitis and was worried they might not let me back in US.

@Gods_Smile: Yes, I carried all of my supplies that I needed in a carry on bag so that they were at my disposal.

@mom4everandever: Never travel sick but have traveled when going thru chemo.

@thegeekwife: I was bitten by a bug in Jamaica and became very ill. I was sick for 3 months afterwards.

What would make travel easier when you’re sick?

@JeanetteElb: Better airplane air! Better filtration! Nothing worse then having a lowered immune system and germs!

@goskimama: Always carry Hydralite pops and find nearest Doctor or Hospital when you arrive.

@ArrowsSentForth: The ability to turn off all noise in busy airports, crowded streets. I crave quiet when I’m sick, hard to find when traveling. 

@twinlins: Always carry meds you know and know you might need!

@LLLSummer: Friendly service, although I don’t like traveling sick and would rather go home.

What more should airlines do to accommodate passengers with medical challenges?

@janeeric03: Notify them ASAP then you will have more help.

@TravelinWheels: Be patient, understanding, give preboarding, and DON’T BREAK/LOSE WHEELCHAIRS!!!

?@melinda74: Allow you and extra seat if you need it for medical equipment if plane isn’t full

@GeekDad248: Be more sensitive to serving snacks that could negatively impact people w food allergies.

@Gods_Smile: Maybe have an on board medical assistant to help with meds and different sicknesses, different foods.

Would you feel comfortable sitting next to someone wearing a surgical mask on a plane/train/bus?

@TravelinWheels: Good question. I hate to say it, but I’m not sure. I would be afraid of making them sick, and wouldn’t want what they have.

@bayou_dreamz: I’m not sure I’d wonder what they had or if they were cautious.

@JeanetteElb: I’ll take person with the mask on over someone without! Keeping germs to themselves..Or keeping them out!

@Gods_Smile: Yes, as long as they kept their mask on, and I was assured that I was safe sitting next to them. It would be no problem.

@go2kauai: I think I’d be alright with it. People in Japan wear it all the time to prevent germs from spreading.

What more should hotels do to accommodate people with medical challenges?

@LLLSummer: Have a list of resources available.

?@go2kauai: Have more ramps instead of stairs!

@bayou_dreamz: I think just training the staff better and at least ensuring they know close drugstores and hospitals etc.

@redfuzzycow: Have staff be more knowledgeable.

@JeanetteElb: They should have more accessible rooms, better access to supplies, have a Dr. available if possible.

What tricks do you have to boost your immune system when traveling?

@bayou_dreamz: Vitamins and fruit.

@ionMyAdventures: Astragulus and Emergen-C – don’t inflame auto-immune diseases.

@maryheston: Try try try to start your adventure rested & build in down time during adventure so you don’t get totally worn down.

@DebMomOf3: Try to eat healthy, drink lots of water, rest as much as I can (not always possible though) and take vitamins.

@redfuzzycow: Carry hand sanitizer and take Vitamin C.

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