Twitter Recap: Fearless Travel

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family adventure Travel can be fun, satisfying and adventurous, but it can also be pretty scary. Getting lost, losing luggage, being in an unsafe area and being sick away from home are just a few of the things our tweeters fear while traveling.

We decided to face our fears of travel during our May 7 Monday Night Twitter Party. Our moms shared amazing challenges they overcame for travel, the scariest place they’d like to visit and even debated if kids make us more or less fearful while traveling. We also gave away copies of the second season of the Showtime series, The Big C on DVD – you can save $5 on the Season 2 DVD set at!

What’s the biggest travel challenge you ever faced?

@LLLSummer: Missing a connecting flight on our honeymoon because we were given the wrong information.


@msmary1962: Returning from a trip, car broke down, 2 babies under 2, side of road for 6 hours waiting for rollback with a car to get home.

@stblissout: Flying again after my best friend died in a plane crash.

@kimorlando: Leaving my kids for my first business trip. Guilty because I was so happy to go! 

@maryheston: Not Speaking the language – Not being able to read the writing.

Are you a more or less fearless traveler with kids?

@allierose: More adventure. cautious about backup plans.

@jmcarollo: I’d say I’m more fearful! She’s only 2 so I worry how she’ll be traveling!

@zaharas_mommy: MORE! Overpacking, tantrums, panic

@Gods_Smile: More fearless cause now that they are older, I finally have some help.

@maryheston: MORE FEARLESS since having kids – I plan more now.

What travel challenge are you most afraid of?

@DebMomOf3: Not being able to give my kids the travel experiences I want to, so they’ll have wonderful memories and a love for travel.

@sweetmatcha: Screaming kids on a plane that’s 13 hours long or more.

@maryheston: I suppose it would have to be needing a major medical assist in a foreign country – everything else can be dealt with.

@inkscrblr: Ziplining. I want to do it but am afraid to.

@RobynsWorld: I am most afraid of getting stranded for days in an airport.

What helps you be fearless? How could you fear less?

@judy511: Seeing how proud kids are when I get in water. Then, gin.

@msmary1962: Knowing that we only have a limited amount of time to do things makes me want us to do things that I can remember forever.

@keltom2: Doing research ahead of time! Be prepared.

@mom4everandever: Realizing I have a voice and need to stand up and help others stand up too.

@LLLSummer: Faith and my husband.

How do you teach your kids to be fearless?

@judy511: Early exposure – water as babies, skis at 3.

@LLLSummer: By example, by not showing fear yourself.

@Tink4everbell: TAKE RISKS.

@kimorlando: When it comes to cultures -Education via travel.

@DebMomOf3: My kids much more fearless than I ever was so not that worried. Just need to teach them how to be careful without losing that.

What’s the scariest place you’d like to visit?

@mom4everandever: Some of the mission areas where children are.

@msmary1962: The Grand Canyon (I’m afraid of heights).

@stblissout: Always wanted to climb Everest, because I really believe I could do it!

@lisasamples: Scariest place to visit? Dubai – those hotels look amazing…I just want to see them.

@keltom2: An African Safari, I would love to see the wild animals.

@sweetmatcha: A cave – mysterious yet so beautiful yet scary.

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