Twitter Recap: Great Family Holiday Vacations

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Family vacation holiday memoriesIt’s amazing what makes a great family vacation. It might be the funny looks you get for those ugly Christmas sweaters, the warm thoughts of a kind stranger or the time you found your 2-year-old naked and eating chocolate. Whatever the family vacation memory, it always fun to share.


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What’s your #1 tip for hassle free holiday travel with kids?



@: Be flexible, things never go exactly as planned, sometimes that makes for the most stress but best memories.


@: Keep it simple! Don’t try to schedule/do too much – holidays are busy enough as it is. Just enjoy being together. 🙂


@: Make sure to stick to routine (bed time, dinner time) as close as possible


@: Plan, prepare, keep entertained, and have a back up plan for WHEN things go wrong.


Seems like a smart idea to pack the right essentials…


@: Nintendo DS’s. Nough said.


@: Lots of snacks and games.


@:Sticker books!


@: Have plenty of games and movies on hand.


Do you travel during the holidays?


@: We are not traveling this year, I have an 8 week old baby.


@: These days we do more of a staycation- we’re on a tight budget but usually we go to NYC where family is.


@: We usually don’t travel much during the holidays. Mom and two siblings are within 10 miles.


Many tweeters said they stay home since their family is close or to avoid the chaos, but there were still many who are still traveling…


@: Yes! We love to travel to Canada to visit relatives during the holidays!


@: Headed to Park City, UT! Best. Place. Ever.


@: Home (Texas) so see family & friends


@: We are traveling to Miami, SoBe then to Dallas and Austin on out-law trail.


What’s your idea of a perfect family holiday?


@: One where we can all discover something new together!


@: The perfect family vacation is Disney where everyone gets to act like a kid and sprinkle it with some rest.


@: Beach, spa, someone else pays! LOL.


@: The new Hawaiian Disney resort is my dream! Saw a blog review post and fell in love with it!


For some, the perfect family holiday is a simple one…


@: Staying home!


@: Peace and quiet.

@: Just being together, even if at home


Share your funniest holiday travel story.


@:Staying at inlaws huge home, couldn’t find my 2-yr old. Panicked. Found her naked, laying in the sun, eating chocolate!


@: Not locking the roof storage & seeing our clothes fly across the GWB


@: Ours is always when got stuck in snow on home from T-giving at inlaws and van pulled free by Amish farmer and his horses!


@: I would say the funniest my very vocal 1-yr old wanted to nurse on a plane and yelled I want boobie now!


@: Having my pants fall down because I forgot to put on belt after security checkpoint,ugh!


@: We wore ugly Christmas sweaters for the ride, and at every gas stop people would stare at us lol.


@: Left TWICE without taking one of the suitcases – came back & forgot it a second time!


What trip would you like to repeat again? Why?


@: Our trip to Las Vegas. We had a great time but there was no planning at all. Could have done much more.


@: The trip my wife and I took down the west coast highway. We’d love to take the kids this time!


@: Hawaii!! 10 amazing days of blue waters, luscious landscape and wonderful people, not to mention Pearl Harbor!


@: Yosemite National Park for sure!!


@: Would love to repeat our honeymoon at Disney World – now that we have kids! They’ve never been.


@: My trip to New York – I only got to spend one day there!


If you had the choice, would you do over a bad vacay or repeat a great one?


@: Repeat great one but because I don’t think we have ever had a “bad” one. Trips are always an experience.


@: I’d do over a bad one…don’t mess with the great ones 🙂


@: A bad one! Just to prove that we can do it right!


@: Almost too late to do over the bad Nick Hotel vacay we had – son was so sick & he LOVED SpongeBob. Kids r older now : (


@: A bad vacay, our honeymoon. We seriously need a do over, & we need the time away. A lot has happened the last 2 years.


@: I will do over bad one to change it to good vacay


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