Twitter Party Recap: Movies and Travel

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On Monday February 25th we gathered to chat about movies. Contrary to popular belief Luxury Travel Mom Kim-Marie did not sponsor this party as part of her plot to become the 14th person that Mark Wahlberg follows but we did cover a lot of ground during the party. From movie inspired travel to which celebrity we’d want to travel with read on for the roundup. 

Which actor or character would you choose for a travel companion? Why?

@judy511 I’d take Bradley Cooper 2 the beach. No explanation needed.


@allierose Either Ben Affleck or Matt Damon. I love their Green Light Projects and would want to ask about it.

@Vacation_Mamma Tom Hanks in case we get stuck in the Terminal.

@shannonentin @adamlevine would be my first choice, but if ur just talking movies, then I’d say @TheRock

@birdbanter Jennifer Lawrence seems like she would be a hoot to travel with… so real. And kinda goofy, like me. 😉

Has a movie inspired u to travel to a destination? Which one & why?

@jspd Sideways made us choose Santa Barbara for our last romantic trip. Night at the Museum made the Smithsonian a top choice.

@lovernsavers Eat, Pray, Love makes me want to go to Italy to live for awhile.

@teresashaw Every movie set in France.

@mommy3sons After seeing Hawaii in movies, I actually got to go spend 3 weeks there and it is beautiful.

As the star in your own movie where would it take place & who should play you?

@lovernsaver It would be one of those awesome teacher movies (Stand and Deliver) and Reese Witherspoon would play me.

@maryheston It would take place on top of a Mountain starring Chuck Norris.

@mimitravelz My movie would take place in France or Greece. Maybe I’d play myself – with Johnny Depp.

@Disneymom917 It would take place in the coal mines of Kentucky & Jennifer Lawrence can play me.

@TibsTravel Movie starring me in what place? India so I could return, understand more fully. Maybe Katherine Hepburn playing me?

@travelermom I’d play myself too and recreate the 18 months we lived in a motorhome and traveled w/ my hubbies job

@luxurytravelmom My movie would be in Paris, Mark Wahlberg would be my torrid love affair – there would be a LOT of sex scenes. Oh, and I would play me.

What movie meant more to you because you had visited the destination in the story?

@jeffmarias2001 Any Historical movie in the D.C area. Kids love them!

@MagicalTravel Good Will Hunting – I grew up not far from there and loved the shots of Boston.

@kwilson887 Vertigo because I saw the places it was filmed in San Francisco.

@birdbanter As crazy as this sounds, the more I watch of #BreakingBad, the more I want to visit New Mexico.

@kymri And Cuba, where I’m headed next, will be so meaningful as a huge fan of Buena Vista Social Club!

What is your film festival dream destination? Why?

@judy511 Sundance- ski, shop, eat.

@CarissaRogers I want to see Cannes…but even when lived in UTAH stayed away from Sundance too crowded!!

@kimorlando I went to the film festival and other shows at the Fringe FEstival in Edinburgh many years ago. Still a highlight of my life!

@Amanda_AKA_Mom Sundance. I’m a BIG fan of Independent films. Plus I’ve never been to the Park City/SLC area and I can only dream of the shopping!

If you traveled like a celebrity, what would your family vacation include?

@travelermom I’d jet set around the world like in the Bucket List w/ Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson.

@CarmelLeeMooney All my closest friends. I always fantasize about a huge trip w/ about 10 girlfriends and w/ me paying/comping it all!

@sperlinggreene A Caribbean suite w/ it’s own pool.

@shineyaim Flying first class!

@ramblingstump We wouldn’t stop traveling. Home would become our “vacation from vacationing”.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.

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