Tips for Easy Family Travel: Twitter Party Recap 6/23 #PricelessTravel

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Memories Family Vacation Meme We’ve all been there. The flight that is delayed, the hotel reservations that disappeared, the full size rental car that turns out to be a Mini Cooper. So we gathered together on 6/23 for a Twitter Chat sponsored by Mastercard to talk about easy family travel tips. Find out what worked for real moms and what you can do to make your travel budget go further.

What’s your biggest worry about planning a family vacation? What tricks work for you?

@LoveSportsMom Understand something can go wrong have PATIENCE and don’t stress the small stuff!

@Judy511 Kids missing school / sports / music.


@travelermom My biggest worry is always traveling by air. I solve it by road tripping.

@DesertChica Definitely balancing costs and fun – wanting to maximize the experience without breaking the bank.

@DebMomof3 Biggest worry is always budget for us. Try to anticipate any extra expenses to plan proactively, just in case.

@Cocarell I’m always afraid I’ll forget tickets or passports… I double check and triple check every time.

What is your next family vacation you have planned?
@TwoDartMom We are going to Orlando in Sept I hope we have an amazing time It’s going to be once in a lifetime.

@DesertChica We are headed to the mountains and cooler weather this weekend.

@birdbanter Road trip to @SteamboatCO for their annual Cowboy Roundup Days & 4th of July Celebration! Good times!

@Teronya Our next planned Trip is to #Disney – what else??? 🙂

@mominthecity We’re are going to Virginia for a family reunion and wedding. I hope to fit in some amusement parks too!

Do you plan or wing it on vacation? What are your favorite resources?
@3Boys_OldLady Can’t forget about the travel blogs! Such a wealth of info & some hidden gems!

@DIYMominIt I plan the majority, but wing the rest.

@TheRiceAddict I plan ahead because I like to pack weeks before and buy stuff we need.

@monlor We do a little bit of both…plan part but leave room for spontaneity!

@MeaghanShamy I like to use Pinterest now to plan my trips. I would plan every detail if I could.

@Mommy3sons Fave resources are here in these twitter parties. I find out about great vacation places & deals!

How do you simplify planning your family vacation?

@Clarissa_xplain Book it online – then it’s all electronic and easy for me to see!
@solomomtravel I always see people rushing around on vacation to make it somewhere on time. Makes me laugh especially in Caribbean.
@MeaghanShamy I plan about half the trip so we always have an option, but the ability to stay flexible.

@CoCarell I book everything & just let the others along come for the ride… less decisions made the better.

@Cheer4Bison Print out directions in advance.

@OliveTulips Plan, book & print an itinerary for the whole family so everyone knows the fun plans!

What has been your most expensive family travel mistake?

@DebMomof3 Not checking fine print on rental car contract – couldn’t use debit card to rent & hubby was away. FIL saved the day.
@CherylGuerin Mastercard covers you w zero liability & emergency services like cash advance & card replacement
@RhiAwesome Not renting a car! Took my old car! The engine blew! NOT CHEAP!
@LoveSportsMom Not booking my hotels in advance and car rentals that cost me a pretty penny..
@CindyRichards There are no travel mistakes. Only new adventures!
@TullyMan77 Getting sucked into a down south casino!! Never again, such a downer!

How do you plan your family #vacation: internet, books, friends advice?

@greggweiss The modern-day travel postcard is an Instagram photo.
@familyfreckles Definitely Internet because we know where we want to go, then ask locals for advice on their faves.
@kimorlando Paying extra close attention to your responses to Q6 so we can be yr one stop travel shop. Use our ATM!
@DIYMomInIt I go on Traveling Moms Facebook page and website!

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.

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