Nov 22: Twitter Party – Eat Pray Love”

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epl_juliaDid you love “Eat Pray Love?” Do you believe that travel can be transformative? Then join us Nov. 22 for our TravelingMom Monday Twitter party. We’ll be talking about the chick flick sensation, “Eat Pray Love on Director’s Cut Blu-ray & DVD,” and giving away lots of great prizes, including copies of the DVD, travel guidebooks to Italy and a Spa gift certificate.

In the movie, which will be released on Nov. 23, Liz Gilbert (played by the always wonderful Julia Roberts) gets a divorce then heads off on an around-the-world odyssey to find herself. She eats her way through Italy, seeks God in an ashram in India, and ultimately heads to Bali where she falls in love.

Can’t spend a year seeing the world? Doesn’t matter. All travel can be transformative, even the weekend camping trip when the kids got an up close look at Mother Nature. Join us to celebrate the transformative power of travel, food and love during the Nov. 22 Twitter party.


Wondering what the heck is a Twitter party? We can help.

Party Details:

WHEN:  Nov. 22, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO: Panelists @KimOrlando  @CindyRichards @blogwelldone @frenchfoodiemom @connectingwomen @wiredmom and @momfluential

WHAT: Twitter party – Eat Pray Love DVD release

HOW to JOIN:  Follow the hashtags #TMOM #EPLDVD or use TweetGrid


Random drawings: 4 Eat Pray Love swag baskets that include:  DVD copy of Eat Pray Love on Director’s Cut, 2 EPL custom bracelets, EPL poster, delicious Italian Sauce, 4 EPL special booklets with recipes & coupons and an incredible guidebook to Italy.  You are eligible to win a swag basket prize just for RSVPing here.

Grand Prize:  If you RSVP here AND participate on the Twitter party from 9-10 pm EST on Nov. 22, you will be eligible to win the huge grand prize basket that includes a passport holder, $100 spa gift certificate, $60 grocery card, EPL Directors Cut DVD and EPL booklet with recipes and coupons. 

There are four ways to enter:

1.       RSVP for the party below by leaving your Twitter handle. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still enter by leaving a comment below telling us why you aren’t on Twitter (i.e. “It’s stupid,” or “How can I say anything important in 140 characters or less?”)

2. If you are on Twitter and would like an additional entry, help us spread the word about TravelingMom Monday by tweeting:

#TMOM Twitter Party 11/22, 9pm ET Share your stories of #EatPrayLove & transformational travels.  RSVP: #EPLDVD

Then come back here and leave a new comment telling us you tweeted the party promotion and you’ll get a second entry. All tweets must be sent before 9pm ET on November 22.

3.       “Like” the “Eat Pray Love on Director’s Cut Blu-ray & DVD,” page on Facebook, then come back here and leave another comment telling us you did.

4.       Read the Traveling Mom with Teens’ post on finding (or re-finding) love on a kid-free trip to Puerto Rico, then come back here and enter a comment telling us whether you’ve ever used travel to find love or rekindle romance.

Want to read more great EPL posts by our panelists?  See our list below:

Throughout the party, we’ll randomly choose winners for the Eat Pray Love DVD swag baskets from the RSVP list. The Grand Prize winner will be awarded at the end of the party to someone on this RSVP list WHO ALSO HAS PARTICIPATED IN THE PARTY before the last drawing announcement. If you cannot make the party, you are not eligible to win the grand prize.

All winners will be chosen using If you win a Eat Pray Love swag basket, you are still eligible to win the Grand Prize (see rules above), however you are not allowed to win two Eat Pray Love swag baskets. You will have 48 hours to respond and claim your prize. If we do not hear from the winner within 48 hours, a new winner will be randomly drawn. Winners please DM your address to @travelingmoms and allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Replies to “Nov 22: Twitter Party – Eat Pray Love””

  1. I read the Traveling Mom with Teens’ post. Yes, I’ve taken a vacation to re-kindle the romance. When our now 8 year old was 6 months, my husband and I took off for a long weekend in San Diego. We desperately needed it. After six months of sleepless nights and long days focused on newborn parenting, we needed to time re-connect with each other. We needed a few days to focus on each other rather than a baby, diapers, feedings, baby baths.

    It was so worth it. We definitely re-connected and promised each other to do it again on a regular basis. Which reminds me…we need one of those weekends now!

  2. Read the post. I find love EVERY time I travel, because I get to see family and friends. Our children are all grown now, so we can get away alone…and never leave the house, but spending a night or two, when we go to visit kids and grand kids (all across the country),is a always a special time.

  3. My husband and I took a second honeymoon to Cancun when we were (barely) expecting our fourth. It was a slice of heaven.

    One whole week just to ourselves- no schedule, no kids, just the beach, the bed and an all we could eat buffet. 🙂

  4. I liked Eat Pray Love on Facebook too. I also posted my “word.” My word is passion because I need more passion in my life! 🙂

  5. Read your post…YES…Hubby and I took a child-less trip to go to a scrapbook convention for 2 days. We had so much fun together and worked on our scrapbooks….remembering the fun times. It was very cool working on the scrapbooks together…but reconnecting was priceless!

  6. every trip bring some refreshing to our life as a couple so I guess we do rekindle every single time we travel. gotta go start planning again! keep that fire alive people!!!

  7. oh yes I have used travel more then once to re-kindle love. Hubby is a work-a-holic so being away from home is the only time he really relaxes

  8. Read the post on traveling with teens. Hubby and I have only gone once in our almost 11 years of marriage on a trip alone. With 4 young boys it’s hard to get away.

  9. I read the kid-free trip post. my husband and I definitely travel to rekindle/keep up the romance. My parents took trips when we were younger for spend some alone relaxation. I think its important for us to take time away for each other. (LeeLa – @brideandadog)

  10. Great post! Sweet that he said you could have gone to Iowa! I’ve never found love while traveling but I agree that it can remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

  11. My husband and I love to have weekend getaways. I think it is important in every marriage to have time away to rekindle your love for each other.

  12. I read the Traveling Mom with Teens’ post and have to say I have never traveled to find love or re-find love but I think it’s amazing the people that do!

  13. Read the article.. Finding or refinding romance through travel. I have not done that, however it does make you think, and perhaps hubby and I need to make some plans. It is so easy to get so involved in life, and forget about the one walking next to you through it all..

  14. I’ve never used travel to find love or to rekindle romance, but I wouldn’t be totally against the rekindling part


  15. I am so looking forward to this party tonight, absolutely loved the show, my mom and I went together, shared some laughs and tears…

  16. I have never traveled to rekindle love, but I have traveled in hopes of finding it…instead, I found a fling, but not one I’ll regret! One day, when my kids are older, I do hope my husband and I can get away more on our own to somewhere far, far away.

  17. If anyone needs any tips or assistance planning an intimate and culture trip for a group of adventurous women on/around BALI….. Email me questions or needs!
    We ALSO offer Group Volunteer Trips to Bali through our cooperation with The WINS Project and East Bali Poverty Project!!
    THIS island is my travel SPECIALTY/niche. I do NOT sell the world.

  18. i have definitely used travel to rekindle romance 🙂 me and my fiance try to take a trip once a year to St. Augustine, we just love it there, but we’re hoping to make it to italy for our honeymoon 🙂

  19. I’ll be there for the party tonight!
    Twitter handle: bellat99

    I tweeted the details of the party and LIKED the directors cut on Facebook!!

  20. I read the Puerto Rico trip post and yes, I have traveled to rekindle love. Funny enough, the end of the article mentions how they could’ve went to Iowa even and it would have been just as good- and I did go to Iowa. LOL I had a bf in California when I lived there and he tours for a living so we rekindled our connection in random Iowa. We had both moved away from CA at that point.

    FB name: S.Morton
    Twitter: thisenvy

  21. Travel has been used to rekindle not just love but also excitment.. I had traveled globally before getting married my husband hadn’t. Since we’ve been married it’s been exciting to be a part of his journey of “firsts”: passports, transatlantic flights, int’l subways, etc..

  22. I Read the Traveling Mom with Teens’ post on finding (or re-finding) love on a kid-free trip to Puerto Rico, and I think a trip to rekindle romance is a great idea. Especially if you have kids it would be great to get away. We haven’t done that but would love to sometime.


  23. I totally get the story from Traveling Mom with Teens, I have been married almost 23 years and when my husband and I get the chance to go somewhere without the kids we do rekindle our romance. It’s just easier without having to worry about the kids, we can relax and concentrate on each other, doesn’t happen very often, boy could we use one of those getaways now! LOL @hairgirl1966

  24. Just read “Traveling Mom with Teens’ post” and I must strongly agree. I recently went on a trip without my kids. And you realize how much you can enjoy a dinner, a walk hand-in-hand, a trip to the museum, or even just lounging in bed together. It can truly rekindle most romances. ?

  25. I have used travel to rekindle love between my husband and I. We go to the same place we went on our honeymoon each year on our anniversary 🙂

  26. I don’t twitter because it it just one more sight for me to go on and talk to people I know…I just feel less is more..but I would like to be included in the Eat Pray Love twitter party.

  27. I don’t have a Twitter account because I would have to split my time between that & FB and for FB is more important. However, I would love to win a prize and I love the book.

  28. I actually fell in love with my husband on a trip. I had sort of found him to be obnoxious before then, because he was trying too hard. We both had to go on a trip for work, just the two of us, so we decided to let go and just have fun. He wasn’t trying to impress me so much and i was trying to dislike him so much! LOL! The rest is history! 🙂

  29. when I was young a very dear boyfriend of mine traveled from another state to see me… he also paid for me to fly to visit him and his family. It was an awesome relationship that I will always cherish.It actually started as a blind date for both of us. He was my colleagues husbands best friend, who happened to be flying in for the holidays. and, for the only time in my life, it was love at first site! almost 30 yrs later I still remember each time my 3 yr old daughter and I, or David, traveled via plane, train, or car to see each other!. I was blessed!

    cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  30. Loving the book…many different views, but it’s something challenging me and I’ll have to see what it is as time goes by.

  31. Yes, I did. I moved almost a 1000 miles away during a martial separation almost 25 years ago, and it was worth it…we got back together within four months and we are still together going on 33 years NOW!!! So, I guess I did re-kindle what we already had.

  32. I haven’t rekindled a romance on a trip but maybe that would be great for my marriage! lol! 😉
    I think it is soooo romantic to fall in love with someone in another country while you are on vacation…oooh…;)

  33. hehe : “We could have gone to Iowa and it would have been special so long as we were traveling without the kids.”

    That was a really nice blog entry! I’ve used travelling to become closer in friendship, but not to find love.

  34. Won a Swag Basket and haven’t received the prize and have not had any responses to emails or tweets about when I should receive this? Please advise ASAP Thanks. @born2boop

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