Wear a Helmet When You Ski: It’s Your Head

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P1010527-2I’m going to date myself, but when I learned how to ski, NO ONE wore helmets.  Just wasn’t done. And when people did start wearing helmets (I was in my 20s), it was NOT cool.  No way. Now, as we creep into middle age and think of Sonny Bono and Natasha Richardson… maybe it’s not so bad to wear a helmet, eh?

I used to be too cool for school to wear a helmet, but here’s the thing:

  1. all the cool kids are doing it now
  2. it keeps your head really warm
  3. if you’re a snowboarder, just makes you look more gnarly (gnarly in a good way)

My helmet has vents in the top that I can close when it’s really cold and open to let my steam escape when it’s sunny.  It’s a very dark grey.  It’s almost… well, it’s not beautiful, but again, all the cool kids are wearing them…


Listen: it’s your head.  I’m not telling you to wear wrist guards when you ski.  That would be totally uncool.  But your head needs protection: a helmet can SAVE YOUR LIFE.  You don’t have to be going fast to get a serious head injury.

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6 Replies to “Wear a Helmet When You Ski: It’s Your Head”

  1. I remember when I was growing up, only nerd wore bike helmets! I have never worn one. Now, I wouldn’t dream of letting my kids ride a bike without one and I suppose that I should wear one too.

  2. I was the one with elbow guards, wrist guards and knee pads (big ones with straps, NOT the pull-on kind) when I was a roller disco queen in 6th grade…

  3. We saw a girl die right in front of us, skiing last year so you are SO right, this is SO important—she was not wearing one and it was a tragic thing to see her get zipped into a body bag, if only she had worn a helmet!

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