Looking Your Best on the Road

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Sometimes it’s a challenge to look your best when you’re traveling. Tight schedules, constant moving around, and changing time zones can do a number on your skin, makeup, hair, and wardrobe. Since it’s tough to take along all your tools for looking good, you need a strategy for pulling yourself together when you’re on the go. Basic rules? Simple is better and play up what you’ve got.

Invest in a professional haircut. The secret to a good cut is that, even as it grows out, it still looks great! So if your back-to-back schedule doesn’t allow for a trip to the salon before your trip, with a little gel or spray your locks will continue to be an asset to your total look.

Work with, not against, your natural beauty. If you have curly hair, wear a style that plays up the curls. Wear contacts? Invest in a pair of flattering frames to carry along in case dry, stale air or tired eyes make putting in lenses painful. Bring along classic pumps that elongate your legs but don’t break your back.

Carry a neutral lipstick. A sweep of a pale shade across your lips can pull together your look in a jiffy, even if you’re wearing little makeup for the plane ride.


Fit in a “quickie” manicure. Your polish chips off the night before your flight and you have no time to get your nails done before your 8 a.m. departure. There’s two ways to give your nails a boost. First, apply two coats of polish and add a layer of quick dry on top two hours before bed. A quick blow dry of your hands will help set the polish. Second, if you risk damaging a fresh coat in your sleep, do a sweep of a quick dry top coat to add a clear shine.

Carry extra hose. Always carry a spare pare of panty hose in your purse and one in the front compartment of your carry-on. A run is never becoming.

Wear black with a splash of color. Thin black slacks, black skirt, and black jacket are staples for the travel wardrobe. But bring along one or two colorful items as well – a scarf, a cardigan. Clothes that can be mixed-and-matched help you look pulled together. You don’t need to wear one-of-a-kind when you’re on the road. But do have items on hand that are your signature.

Take away shine. Open a tissue and place it over your face. Gently press it to your forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin. The tissue will gently lift oils, help remove blotchiness, smooth your colors, and pick up dead skin cells. Lightly wet your fingers and pat a little water on your face to add moisture back into your skin. As always, drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

Need a quick touch-up but your make-up is in your hotel room? Use that lipstick to add a smudge of color to your eyelids and cheekbones.

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