Road trip fun – really.

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getofftheroadEver dream of having a bull horn so you can tell the driver who just cut you off EXACTLY how you feel? When the bird just isn’t enough (or something you really want to model for your impressionable young babes), there are Schticks.

I got a set of these expressive and entertaining signs for my birthday but didn’t get to enjoy them to their full capacity until our recent road trip.

rudrunkI set out for a 14 hour drive with 4 children, 2 dogs, a massive jug of coffee and my box of Schticks.  I don’t flash these at home as we live in a small town and I don’t need my reputation to be any worse than it already is. The open road, a bunch of bad drivers and complete anonymity were on my side as I headed out.

I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the signs.  The kids got in to the act as well.  For the record, I wasn’t drunk, just wished I was.  


I don’t think the signs were meant to be used on those INSIDE the car, but I can tell you that they came in mighty handy.  Of course the minute I flashed the “Settle Down” sign, all of the fighting stopped, the kids joined hands and started singing kumbaya.  

settledownFor those times when you really need to tell someone inside or outside your car how you really feel, you need Schticks.  They’re sold in many boutiques and are now on Amazon. To read the full story of my road trip titled “Highway to Hell” check out

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