Useful iPhone Apps For Travel

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For the longest time, I was uninterested in iPhone apps.  To me, when I thought of iPhone apps, I thought of video games or iFart or the one where it tells you what kind of cry (sleep, hungry, wet) your baby was crying.  Useless and a waste of time.

Change that: now, I’m addicted.  What changed?  Well, I actually went to the iTunes app store and started browsing.  And now, I have suggestions.

Yelp:  For those of you who use Yelp religiously on your computer, why wouldn’t you also want it on the go?  And it’s FREE!  Yelp gives you user reviews of anything you can think of in the city you are visiting:  restaurants, tailors, manicures, parks — you name it!  Whether it’s business travel or a vacation: The bigger the city, the more reviews.  I find the service essential.


Currency Converter Pro: For a mere ninety-nine cents, this app gives you over 220 currencies to convert — and not just into dollars — into any other currency.  It’s easy to use and it’s one less thing you have to concern yourself with.  Especially if you’re bad at math and a nervous Nelly while you travel.

Flashlight: This seems a little silly, but it’s always good to have a flashlight with you.  Dark hotel room.  Don’t want to wake your husband. .  It’s a free app that turns your iPhone very very BRIGHT.  Hence, the name.

Sit or Squat:  Bathroom Finder When I lived in New York City, I prided myself on where to find the most luxurious public bathrooms (Bendel’s on Fifth, downstairs — like a studio apartment!  My god, you have to see this bathroom!) because I was always on the go.  Now, I don’t have to work so hard.  When you’re in a strange place, you want a stable, clean toilet.  Am I right?

Audiobooks: I just blogged about it recently, but it bears repeating.  This app gets you thousands of free, public domain books that are read by volunteers streamed or downloaded to your iPhone.  For $.99, it’s a huge bang for the buck.

Pocket Express:  Also a free app, this one gives you all sorts of general information.  The weather is what I’ve keyed into.  It’s easy to use and you really need to know what to wear in the morning, boots or sandals.

I was also going to tell you about Trip It: it’s a free app, but for the past 72 hours, the website that accompanies it is down.  That’s a LONG time.  Not sure what’s happening.  Well, if it’s just a blip, it’s a great place to congregate all of your travel plans, no matter where you booked them: hotel, car, appointments, etc.

Go ahead to the iTunes store and start poking around.  I guarantee that you’ll find something useful.  Even if it’s just a game to while away the time while you’re waiting for your delayed flight to arrive.

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