Traveling with Girlfriends for a Tennis Getaway

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The tennis gals on their getaway.It’s always great to get out of town with the family, but sometimes you just need a different kind of escape.  Sometimes, you need to go with the girls to a place without children and husbands and dishes in the sink. I got to take one of those trips this past weekend and it sure was good for the soul.  And great for my tennis game, too. I play on a women’s tennis team and our coach holds tennis camps on the coast every now and then.  The idea for him is to help us work on our game on the court with extra long practices.  The idea for us is to work on our sanity by taking a step back from our normal routine and treating ourselves to a change of scenery (the kind of scenery that allows you to think of yourself and only yourself for about 48 hours). 

You could tell we were ready to go when we all decided to meet before dawn the day we were to leave town.  We wanted to maximize every minute.   As we pulled out of town, I felt more like a college student headed toward spring break than the 40 yr old mom of four that I am today.  And I know my girlfriends felt the same way.  The arrival at our destination was tainted a touch by rain, but as the sun started to shine, our attitudes brightened, too.  We were just about giddy by the time we were able to get into our rooms and unpack. 

It wasn’t long before we were on the courts, serving up some aces and painting the alley.  We weren’t exactly relaxing at a spa, but the action on the court was definitely medicine for my soul.  We were soon sweating profusely, but not even close to wanting to call it a day.  Even after out time on the courts was over for the evening, we were still ready to go make the most of our night away from our normal routines.  It was incredibly refreshing to pack up and meet the girls for dinner without the kids in tow, and minus an argument with the husband about how to get there.  The meal wasn’t anything spectacular, but the fact that we only needed to think of ourselves (no whining for a different kind of mac n cheese and no rush to the restroom when a 4 year old’s bladder wouldn’t last another second).  Yes, what a sweet treat to have this time to ourselves.

We didn’t go tear up the town (guess we are only college spring breakers in our own minds) and were all asleep by 11 I’m sure.  And even though there were no children pulling at us to rise and shine, we still all woke up right at 7 the next morning.  I suppose old habits die hard…that, or we were just so excited to have a full day for just us that we didn’t want to waste the weekend in bed.


If it’s been longer than a few months since you got to disappear with the girls for a night or two, put it on the calendar now!  It’s good for the soul to take care of YOU and let someone else take care of the rest of the family for a while. It’s good for the mind and body to experience this kind of adventure and escape, allowing you to rejuvenate in ways you didn’t realize you needed.

Don’t get me wrong–we missed the kids (and the husbands, too).  But with so little time in our normal lives just for us, it was great to be gone.  And with hugs waiting at the door,  just as great to get back home! 

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