Too Much Going On

For some reason I thought next week was happening the week after next.  Somehow, I added a week that didn’t exist and now I feel like I’ve lost a whole week. I get my dates mixed up when I have too much going on.  I have a couple of volunteer projects at the kids’ school that wind up this week, work presentations, travelingmom deadlines and, a flooded basement to clean up.

The bottom line is that I have less au pair time left than I planned, which means less flex time to get things done.  Our au pair, who has truly become part of our family, leaves this Thursday for home.  Her visa has expired and she needs some time there to figure out what she wants to do next.  We are all going to miss her terribly.

It’s been like waiting for a big storm to hit – a lot of anticipation, then realization that it’s not that bad when you’re in it and finally, relief when the waiting is over.  I planned a yoga retreat for the day after our au pair leaves.  No problem with that plan on its own, but when I add in that I worked away from home 2 nights / 3 days last week and 1 night/2 days this week, it seems like a lot of time away from my kids.
I just didn’t realize it when I worked an extra day last week and of course I can’t get a refund.  I know everyone will survive and it will be good for me to go to yoga; it’s just HARD!  I’ve rationalized that when I return the whole family is going to Florida for a week – sans au pair, which means a whole lot of together time, and that will be good for all of us.

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