What Are the Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers?

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A road trip with toddlers can be exhausting for parents and children alike. Endless hours of distractions in the form of games, toys, and books will help, but what they usually want comes in the form of snacks. To keep children happy and healthy on the go it’s important to have plenty of snacks on hand to keep them well fed, which helps keep the tantrums at bay. Here we share the best road trip snacks for toddlers to make your next road trip easier.

Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers-TMOM

25 Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers

Toddlers can be the perfect travelers, or terrible travelers, but bringing along snacks they love will go a long way. Finding snacks that fit their little fingers, taste delicious, are mostly healthy, and don’t make a big mess isn’t as easy as it sounds, but these best road trip snacks for toddlers fit the bill.

  1. Frozen squeezable yogurt tubes. When they aren’t frozen, they can get messy, but freeze them and you have a great snack on the go.
  2. Dry cereal. Choose your toddler’s favorite cereal and take it on the road.
  3. Waffles. Pop them in the toaster before you head out the door and pack them along.
  4. Tortilla roll ups.  Take small flour tortillas, spread them with nut butter, seed butter, or cream cheese and jelly for a fun and healthy snack.
  5. Granola bars.  We like Kind granola bars because they come in all shapes and sizes. Breakfast bars, healthy grains bars, you name it, kids love them all. Adults like them too, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

    Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers Granola Bars-TMOM
    We love granola bars on a road trip!
    Photo credit: Kirsten Maxwell – Teaching Traveling Mom
  6. String cheese
  7. Mini muffins
  8. Squeezable applesauce
  9. Mini bagels.  Spread them with cream cheese or nut/seed butter or Nutella.
  10. Raisins. Or other dried fruit
  11. Trail mix.  Make your own with dry cereal, chocolate chips, coconut, raisins, and almonds or a variety of different dried fruits and nuts.
  12. Cut up veggies. Choose colorful carrots, red peppers, snap peas, cucumbers and celery cut into easy-to-eat sticks.

    Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers Sliced Vegetables-TMOM
    Photo credit: Kirsten Maxwell – Teaching Traveling Mom
  13. Pirate’s Booty.  Or other popcorn
  14. Fresh fruit. Clementines (bring hand wipes for sticky hands and car seats), strawberries, apples, and blueberries work well
  15. Hard boiled eggs. Be sure to bring something to keep them cold until you’re ready to eat them and peel them before you leave to cut down on the mess in the car.
  16. Animal crackers
  17. Graham crackers
  18. Fruit leather
  19. Fruit snacks
  20. Hummus. Don’t forget the naan crisps
  21. Goldfish. Or other cheese crackers
  22. Fig Newtons
  23. Pretzels
  24. Deli meat. Roll or cut it up for easier snacking.
  25. Rice cakes

    Best Road Trip Snacks for Toddler Pack Well-TMOM
    Make sure you pack enough snacks for your road trip! Photo credit: Kirsten Maxwell – Teaching Traveling Mom

Choosing the right snack for a family on the go is never easy, but hopefully these ideas will help on your next journey. We think we’ve found the best road trip snacks for toddlers and think you will agree, anything that keeps them happy make mom and dad happy too!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the tips, there were a few on the list I never thought of. But something for all the grand-kids to nibble one!

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