7 Ways to Travel Without Gaining Weight

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Pina Coladas and French fries and chocolate, OH MY! If you travel frequently, you know that you have to be open-minded and agile about what happens during your journey. However, the threat of a traveling mom gaining weight while on vacation seems to make an illusive travel list of “sure things”.

Before we head out to the beaches and boulevards, most of us undergo a bit of a “diet” to shed the few pounds we know we are going to gain while we are on vacation. On a recent week-long trip to Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas, I gained a whopping six pounds. Granted, I dropped five pounds before I went on the trip to compensate for a fun and carefree spring break with my son. That is not normally the way I travel.

I know part of the fun of vacation is to indulge yourself in culinary delights without consequence. There are ways to do that without regretting every rum punch and macaroon from your travels.

Sweet vacation choices to cut down on weight gain: The Skinny Bellini
Sweet vacation choices to cut down on weight gain: The Skinny Bellini

Pack on the fun, not the pounds

#1 Move it! Even if you simply decide to walk to the bar rather than use the pool waiter, build movement into your day. Jump in and out of the pool several times. Take a walk in town or simply stroll around the resort but be sure you are moving for a portion of your day.


#2 Eat Your Veggies. Try to eat at least one salad or full plate of vegetables each day. The fiber will give you a full sensation and you will be less likely to eat as many French fries and nachos.


#3 Skip the sauces or go light. Whether chicken, fish, beef or pork, ask the waiter to hold the sauce. Many sauces add unnecessary carbs, sugar and fat to your day.

#4 Drink Water. Napa without wine or the islands without a tropical cocktail is illogical. If you are going to enjoy alcohol on your vacation, alternate with water. Try a 2-1 cadence when drinking on vacation. Every two drinks require a glass of ice water.

#5 Plan and prioritize your eating. Instead of just going for it the whole time you are traveling on vacation, decide which day you will indulge and which meals you will make better choices.

#6 Eat breakfast daily. Start your day with a protein boost. If you cannot sit down for eggs and bacon, whole wheat toast and lemon water then perhaps a protein breakfast bar and delicious cup of coffee.

#7 Drink neat. It is not the rum in the pina colada that packs on the pounds, it is the pineapple juice and sweetened coconut cream. Be mindful about ordering drinks with simple syrups, fruit juices and cane sugar. Instead ask the bartender to use agave nectar to sweeten your cocktail. Try a vodka (or tequila) spritzer with real lime juice instead of a margarita.

Changing out a few things each day can leave you satisfied, yet still maintain your pre-vacation weight. Happy Travels Traveling Moms!

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