Hotel Review: Stay In A LEGO House At The New LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

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Ever wonder what it would be like to stay in a LEGO house? Now when you visit the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat, you can do just that. With colorful decor, hideaway rooms, and plenty of places to play, find out why this is the place you’ll want to stay when you take your next LEGOLAND vacation (and why you may need to bring a penny for a coin toss).

The bungalows at the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat are bright and colorful
The bungalows are bright and colorful at the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

Hotel Review: Stay In A LEGO House At The New LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

My girls and I were very excited to visit the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat in Orlando, Florida. We’d seen pictures of the cute LEGO inspired bungalows and couldn’t wait to check them out in person. Not only that, this hotel featured a swimming pool filled with LEGOS and numerous playgrounds around the property, perfect for a family vacation.

What Works For Families

  • Check in from the comfort of your car
  • Full buffet breakfast included with your stay
  • Each set of bungalows features their own playground
  • Easily sleeps a family of five
  • Numerous activities to keep kids entertained, including dance parties, hula hoop parties and more
  • Onsite shop for purchasing souvenirs, snacks, swimwear and even beer and wine

What Doesn’t Work For Families

  • Unlike LEGOLAND’s Florida Resort, it’s not walking distance to the park. Though only 3/4 of a mile away, you’d have to cross a busy road to get to the entrance. However, complimentary transportation is provided.

Rates start at $135 plus tax per night and vary by season, date and availability. Packages that include LEGOLAND, Florida theme park tickets are also available.

The Details

The first thing I discovered when we arrived was that you check-in from the comfort of your own car. I didn’t have to go through the usual routine of dragging excited kids through a hotel lobby and trying to keep them entertained while I checked in. When you pull up to the window, they take your info, then give you a key with a map to your bungalow.

Walking through the property, I noticed a lot of attention to detail. Special touches like parrots perched on the front of each bungalow and lights with nautical themes added a little something extra. The buildings were colorful, bright and cheery and made us feel like we were walking into our own little LEGO world.


Each group of bungalows forms a circle, with a playground in the middle and lots of space for running around. Since the bungalows also featured cozy front patios, parents could sit out front and relax while the children chased each other around.

Parents can watch their children play from the comfort of their bungalow patio
Parents can relax on the patio while the kids play on the playground. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

One of the things my girls loved most about the property was the pool. They had fun splashing around and playing with all the floating LEGOS.

Kids love splashing around at the large LEGOLAND Beach Retreat pool
With LEGO pieces everywhere, the pool was very popular with the kids. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom


I felt safe letting the kids swim without me while I watched from the sidelines. There were several lifeguards on duty and bright yellow life jackets are readily available for the children who haven’t quite mastered their swimming skills.


The LEGOLAND Beach Retreat pool has lifeguards and plenty of life jackets for the little ones
Parents can feel save with lifeguards on duty and life jackets for the little ones. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom


The pool area also features a sandy area for building sandcastles, bean bag toss games and a playground. When they were finished swimming, the girls played on the playground for another hour, giving it a big thumbs up.

There's a lot to keep the kids entertained at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
There are lots of fun things for kids to do, including climbing on the large playground in the pool area. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The Rooms

We already loved the outside of the bungalow and as soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by a huge LEGO mural covering the wall. Again, there was a lot of attention to detail, right down to the light fixtures and the LEGO sea creatures on the wall.

The walls of the bungalows at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat are covered with colorful murals
The bungalows were just as bright and colorful on the inside. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The bathroom kept with the LEGO theme and was also colorful and bright.

The bathrooms at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat featured LEGO inspired shower curtains
The bathrooms featured LEGO inspired shower curtains. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

We were so busy checking it all out that it hadn’t even occurred to me to wonder where the kids were going to sleep. My oldest daughter noticed the “secret curtain” first.

A curtain separates the kid's rooms inside the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat bungalows
The kids had fun discovering the “secret” room. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

She pulled it back to reveal a fun room for the kids, with bunk beds and a trundle, another big mural and most exciting of all, a box of LEGOS to play with!

The bunkbeds at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat were a big hit with the kids
The “hidden” room can sleep up to three people. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

I loved that the mural featured a LEGO guy channeling his inner David Hasselhoff, even if my kids have no idea who that is!

The kid's room featured more murals and a box of LEGOS to play with
There was a large mural in the kid’s room as well. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The girls really loved their room! The only problem we encountered was that they both wanted to sleep on the top bunk, causing a minor squabble. Luckily, with just a flip of a coin and some old-fashioned bribery, everyone was happy again.

While the bungalows weren’t particularly roomy, they also didn’t feel cramped and there was plenty of space to move around.  The only thing that was missing from the room was a desk. While I usually work after the kids go to sleep, there was no place to do that here. The patio table would be great during the day but it’s not practical at night. However, the bed was super comfy and made for a good back-up work area.

Check out the video tour:

The Amenities

I discovered a big treat when I woke up the next morning. When I made my coffee, I found that the packets contained real creamer, not the powder that you usually get. Sometimes the little things mean a lot and having real creamer in my morning coffee got my day off to a nice start.

It was a treat to get real creamer in my coffee packet
It was a nice surprise to find real cream for my coffee! Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

Other than the creamer, the room had the usual amenities that you’d find in most hotels…refrigerator, safe, etc.

TravelingMom Tip: If you use a lot of shampoo, you may want to bring your own. The hotel provided shampoo but they were pretty small and there was nothing left after I washed both girls’ hair. I’m sure they would provide extra but sometimes it’s easier just to bring a bigger bottle.


There were two options for dining. Bricks Beach Bar has food, drinks and cocktails that you could either enjoy inside or by the pool. For a full meal, Sandy’s Castle Restaurant is where you’ll find the free breakfast buffet, as well as entrees, sides and desserts for lunch and dinner. I thought the whimsical ceiling covered with clouds, birds and kites was a nice touch.

The restaurant at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat featured a whimsical ceiling
The whimsical ceiling in the restaurant was covered with clouds, kites and birds. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The food isn’t fancy but we were all able to find something that we liked and enjoyed our meals.

The breakfast buffet is included and you can also get lunch and dinner on site at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Breakfast is included with your stay and you can opt to have lunch or dinner there as well. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The girl’s favorite thing about the restaurant wasn’t the food at all. It was a giant LEGO building area at the entrance. For two girls who kept complaining about how hungry they were, they seemed to forget all about food once they saw the it.

Kids love the giant LEGO table at Sandy's Castle Restaurant
You can’t have a LEGO hotel without lots of LEGOS to play with! Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

For the parents, a full bar is available next to the LEGO table. Moms and dads can enjoy a mixed drink or a glass of wine while the kids play. I’m normally more of a wine drinker but when I saw the Fish In A Bag cocktail on the menu, I had to give it a try. Made with Malibu rum, orange vodka and sprite, the bartender described it as a Capri Sun for adults and it was pretty tasty!

Adult can enjoy a cocktail while the kids play at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Parents can enjoy a beverage from the bar. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

The restaurant, pool and shop were centrally located and easy to find under the big lighthouse. Our bungalow was a little further out but it was easily walking distance.

A giant lighthouse shows you the way at the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat
Just look for the LEGO lighthouse and you’ll find everything. Photo Credit: Lisa O’Driscoll / Do It All TravelingMom

Overall, we had a fantastic stay. The bungalows were adorable, the pool was a lot of fun and for a hotel, there’s was plenty for the kids to do. If you’re planning a trip to LEGOLAND, Florida, this hotel is a great option; my girls are already asking when we’re going to visit again!

Want to know what it's like to stay in a LEGO house? Find out on this tour of the new LEGOLAND Beach Retreat.

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Lisa O’Driscoll is a former kindergarten teacher turned blogger living in Sarasota, Florida with her hubby and two daughters. She’s backpacked several times through Europe (well, she had a carry-on but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it), studied Portuguese in Brazil, and loves vacationing in the Caribbean. When it comes to travel, she wants to do it all and her ultimate travel dream is to be on The Amazing Race! You’ll find Lisa writing about parenting, food, travel and more at Fun Money Mom.

22 Replies to “Hotel Review: Stay In A LEGO House At The New LEGOLAND Beach Retreat”

  1. As a single mom on a tight budget, we don’t get to travel often. When we do, I look to articles and reviews to help guide me plan the best adventure I can. Over the years I have read hundreds of articles and reviews and yours is by far the most helpful I have ever read. First, it is well written. It is clear and concise. You provide your thoughts on the property and how your children felt about the property. You point out your likes/ dislikes. The location of playgrounds, pools and restaurants are given, as well as great tips (ie shampoo & coin toss). I also love the photos you provided in your article/ review. Kuddos to you for writing such an excellent article! Thank you for sharing your experience! I can’t wait until I am able to bring my son and his friend to the Legoland Beach Retreat!

    1. Hi Wanda,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Like you, I also spend lots of time online, trying to find the best deals on fun places to stay! I’m so glad that you found my review helpful and hope that you get the chance to visit the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat sometime soon!

  2. And I thought the Lego lifesize Christmas scene complete with fireplace in Roanoke VA was spectacular — now I know to book a house!

  3. Supremely jealous of you right now! My youngest has some extra needs and both boys have sensory issues. This seems like the perfect place for us to stay, looks very relaxed and comfortable. The secret room would be a massive hit with my kids as well!
    Not sure when we can afford a trip to Florida – we live in Vancouver, BC. But when we can go this is a place I can imagine staying at.

  4. Legoland has it down when it comes to hospitality and their target market. We loved the hotel attached to the California Legoland. This looks like a fun similar but just enough different option in Florida. Great review.

    1. but they do have the legoland resort — we recently stayed in a pirate room there and the whole place is AMAZING. the elevator was a HUGE hit for our family – doors shut an disco party begins — plus the whoppee cushion in the carpet and nightly disco parties — and more…….we are taking our kids to the florida one for their birthdays and Due to my awesome experience at legoland hotel in CA (lived there 20 years and was members to legoland a long time – now that I don’t live in SD anymore I am so happy they built this resort and soon another one) we want to stay at the legoland florida resort but the beach for is several hundred cheaper so we are thinking about trying it out.. will miss disco parties but the playgrounds and patio look awesome — and the lobby and stuff looks very similar to the hotel in CA

    1. if the kids are little the trundle pull out would work for two 3-10 year olds I think…. I would feel comfortable with my kids sharing it…

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