Can You Guess the Most Eco-Friendly State in the United States?

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Eco-Friendly States
Image Credit: WalletHub

Everyone takes a lot of pride in their state and we all like to think that our state is best at, well, everything. Environmentalism is something that’s often a consideration when picking out where to go on vacation and a recent study by WalletHub shows that all states are not created equal.

There are big differences between the number one state of Vermont and the number 50 state of Louisiana. The survey took into account a range of factors including air, soil and water quality, energy consumption, and recycling rates. Some states did well in one area but not so well in others, but looking at the map you can see it does end up being very regional.

The Northeast and Northwest rate at the top of the list while Southern states on both coasts didn’t show as well. If you then move to the center of the country and stay down south, neighboring Texas and Louisiana take the bottom two spots.

What Made The Difference?

According to WalletHub, it wasn’t any one thing that sank the bottom states, but lots of small things combined. Towns and cities that invest more in recycling and renewable resources helped edge their ratings up a notch. Fewer manufacturing facilities causing pollution and more eco-friendly buildings also help.


That means it all comes down to us and the priorities we set up in our own lives and our own towns. I’m fairly pleased with New Hampshire’s rating of seventh place, but now feeling a little guilty for not recycling that pizza box last night.

Image: WalletHub
Image: WalletHub
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